elemis maximum replenish night cream, £42.00
this cream was actually given to me a while ago my by my friends mum who sells elemis products and to be honest with you i sort of forgot about it! i'm glad i remembered i had though as recently my skin seems to be even more oily than it usually is. this stuff is pretty amazing, it says on the back 'this calming night cream with adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to the skins individual needs' and indeed it does. after only applying it for a couple of nights i noticed a dramatic reduction in how oily my skin was in the morning. it's quite a light cream then easily absorbs into the skin and its really soft, however i'm not a fan of the smell of it, its pretty bland, just not my cup of tea.

this is a product i picked up on a whim, as i said my oily skin is quite bad, i think its because the weathers getting warmer? anyway, i'm trying anything to see if it makes an improvement. this is for oily & combination skin which mine is, so far so good, and it was a bargain, i found it in the pound shop! this has been a little hit and miss for me, some days i woke up with an oil free face and others there was no change. i'm going to keep using it though to see if it'll work better over a longer period of time. this again is a nice soft product and absorbs into the skin easily. it also smells nice, the usual sort of scent most johnson's products have.
any of you guys have any recommendations of night creams that keep oily skin at bay?

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  1. Hello, I've just discoverd your lovely blog! Loving the look of that night cream! I am deffinatly following, i would be one happy girl if you took a quick little look at my blog, thank you ever so much xxxxxxx

    1. thanks so much, i really appreciate it :D! of course, your blog is lovely too! x x