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1. i've never tried any urban decay products, no idea why! but i've been lusting after this for an age, it's so beautiful. all the colours in it are very 'me' as i'm pretty boring and stick to neutral eye shadows and much prefer matte colours, so this palette is perfect! defiantly going to be dipping my toe into the urban decay range asap!

2, 3. these 'above the knuckle rings' are all the rage at the moment and i must say, they're sucking me in, they're really pretty! i have quite stumpy, short fingers, so i think these will hopefully help elongate my fingers! they're very dainty which i also like and they're stack-able too which is an added bonus.

4. i'd never heard of jo malone until i started reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos, but everyone raves about these fragrances so i went and had a sniff of them and oh my, they are amazing! this one is so fresh and pretty. defiantly have to get my hands on this!

5. i don't really need to give an explanation as to why i want this brush, all the real techniques brushes speak for themselves! i already have plenty of brushes, the majority of which are eco tools, which i adore, but i have the whole set and there isn't that much variety when it comes to the shape ect of the brushes. i use my big fluffy eco tools powder brush to apply my powder at the moment but i like the look of this brush as its more compact so will offer more control when it comes to how much power i want to apply. so, i think its defiantly time to invest in some real techniques brushes!

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