i hadn't been into the body shop for a long time! but last summer my mum was given a beautiful body shop fragrance as a gift and i kept stealing it! so as i was walking past the other day i saw that they'd brought the fragrance back for this summer and it was on offer! so i went in just to get that, but was wondering around in there for ages as its changed so much since i last went in there! now it was near the end of the month and money was a bit short, so i restrained myself, but i think i'll be taking a trip back next payday!

this is such a lovely scent and its perfect for summer. as i've said before my 'go to' for perfume is preferably a musk rather than a floral/fruity one, so this is a good mixture of a musky undertones with light, not over powering fruity scents. it not sickly sweet or really heavy, its very well balanced. the only downside to this is that the bottle is quite small and they only do it in the 60ml size, but then again its not too expensive so buying a couple at a time is okay.
this summery fragrance is a blend of peony, soft peach notes and a shot of zesty lemon. it is elegant, seductive and feminine. perfumer domitille bertier says, “i brought a joyful and luminous touch to this iconic musk by adding a zing of lemon and a dash of amber.”

i'm a hoarder of lip balm and a few people have raved about this product to me, so i couldn't not give it a go. its very moisturizing and isn't too greasy but does leave a slight sine to the lips. it doesn't smell particularly strong, but it tastes quite nice, like berries, surprise surprise, much better than plenty of other lip balms i've previously tried!

what do you think about the body shop and do you have any recommendations? let me know what your favorite products are!

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  1. That perfume sounds gorgeous! I just got a Marc Jacobs one which is really light and so perfect for summer. I'm a hoarder of perfumes as opposed to balms!

  2. it is really lovely! defiantly go and invest in some! ohhh, which ones that!? daisy is one of my favorites!
    i hoard perfumes too, i'm a terrible hoarder of everything really! x x

  3. love that lip balm :)