collection cream puff lip cream, fairy cake & cotton candy - £2.99
now in my opinions these little beauties are seriously underrated and often over looked. they're one of the first 'liquid lipsticks' i ever came across and since then i've been in love with them. they're an absolute bargain, they do exactly what they say on the tin and they're always an essential in my make up bag. my only complaint about these is that there are only four colour options an these are the best two in my opinion. 

these are everything i look for in a lipstick/lip product really. they offer a matte finish to the lips, which is my favourite look. they are very easy and silky to apply, just glide on a thin layer and it quickly dries to a highly pigmented matte finish. these have pretty good staying power too, i think i only have to reapply them once when i'm out and its usually only after i've eaten. i've read a couple of other reviews on these and people have mention that they dry their lips out/make them feel chalky, i personally haven't had this problem, but i usually apply lip balm before putting any other lip product on, perhaps this is why. 

fairy cake is the colour to the left, this is more of a peachy/coral tone which i very easy to wear unlike bright, orange corals which just don't seem to suit me at all. this is an easy colour to wear and i dare say would suit all skin tones, but is possibly more of a spring/summer shade. cotton candy to the right is my favourite colour, its quite a subtle pink that can be worn all year round. if your not a fan or really bold, bright pinks, i would suggest giving this colour a go as it just gives a little hint of pink. 

since discovering these babies, i've also stumbled across a couple of other matte lip creams that i'm eagar to try, the nyx soft matte lip cream and miners cosmetics, the matte factor. i've heard really good things about both these products, so once i get my finances in order i think i'm going to have a splurge!
what do you guys think of the collection cream puff and have you tried any of the others i've mentioned, if so what did you think?

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  1. I love all of the creme puffs except the lightest nude one... especially the way they smell super sweet :) This has reminded me that I really need to buy cotton candy again since I lost mine a while ago! x

  2. same as me! that one seems to make me look ill! ohhh yes! I forgot to mention how delicious they smell! x

  3. that color would look so cute with a crazy smoky !
    and btw love your blog and FOLLOWED !
    hope you can check mine

  4. Love fairy cake O:
    now following<333

  5. Cotton Candy is definitely in my top 3 lipsticks! Sleek do a couple liquid matte lipsticks, I bought the red one and its ridiculously similar to Lime Crime Velvetines!

  6. it is the best! yes! i've seen those and am going to get a couple the next time i'm in a superdrug that stocks sleek! x x