i'm back! i'm really sorry to all of you that started following me recently and i just stopped posting. i just happened to have a lot on my plate and i was sorting out lots and lots of things in my life, such as leaving my job and seeing some of my various specialists for my health. i'm also helping my best friend through an important event in her life too. but i feel a lot more settled now and i can get back to my blog and all you lovely followers! so keep you eyes peeled, i'll hopefully be aiming to post up to two or three times a week! i've been stocking up on lots of new beauty bits and bobs that i've been lusting over and also some home bits. i'm in the process of redecorating my room so i'm collecting little things here an there. i'm also planning a couple of holidays for next year!
so thank you again to all of you that have continued to follow me and as i say i plan to get back to posting regularly asap!

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