finally after all youtube and beauty bloggers raving about these, they're finally here, maybelline baby lips! now these were much anticipated by everyone in the UK and so far i'd say they haven't disappointed! they claim to provide up to 8 hours of moisture, which is pretty amazing. i would necessarily say they last that long, but they really are very moisturising and silky on the lips. they're also nice to wear if your not in the mood for a lipstick as they just give a nice sheer look to the lips.

i picked these two scents, cherry me and pink punch. i chose cherry me based purely on this video by essiebutton, she really raved about it and i loved the pigment of it when she swatched it, it also smells absolutely delicious! then i picked pink punch as i had all of them in my hands and realised i was being a bit ridiculous so picked just one more and it was this one as i thought it would give a 'your lips but better' look. it also smells so yummy! as i've mentioned in a comment below, unfortunately, pink punch is just the wrong shade of pink for my skin tone and my make up 'look'. so i've resorted to wearing it around the house and when i'm in bed.

i'm really impressed with these and glad we, here in the UK, can finally get hold of them easily! i will most defiantly be venturing back into boots to grab the rest! what do you guys think?

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  1. I have these two shades as well, I love the cherry shade but the pink one is too pink for me x

  2. i agree actually, i've worn the pink one a few times now and decided it doesn't go at all with my skin tone or my style of make up :( i've just been wearing it around the house and when i'm in bed :)
    thanks for your comment! x x