as you my have guessed from the title, i recently became an avon rep! i mentioned in a previous post that i left my retail job due to my health and lack of support from them, so being an avon rep is perfect for me as i can work when i want and work around all my hospital appointments and when i'm not feeling well. i would also just like to say that this is not a sponsored post by avon, i paid for all of this with my own money, granted some things i did get at a discounted rep price, but i will point these out.

okay, there's no doubt this is a very strange looking mascara wand! but, avon claim they've spent years developing this and that its going to revolutionize mascara, 'provides panoramic volume and corner to corner coverage for dramatic definition. flake-proof and sweat-proof.'  the avon website says the best way to apply it: step 1 - grip the sides and remove cap, step 2 - rock brush from side to side to pull out and bend to desired angle, step 3 - comb through from root to tip, step 4 - insert applicator until it locks in place. 

so, as you can see, it a flat applicator that is roughly the same width of your eye, so you can get all your lashes at once. it can also be used straight, or bent to 90 degrees and you can see in the second picture. i've only used this a couple of times, and i wont lie, i'm still trying to get to grips with the best way to use it. the bristles are very good at separating the lashes and the mascara itself is very build-able. just a case of practice makes perfect with this one i think!

along with the mascara, they were offering a free 'eye pack' and that included a concealer, an eye makeup remover, an eyelid primer and an double ended eyeshadow brush. this offer isn't exclusive to reps either! so if you know your local rep, get the latest brochure, number 15, and when you order the mascara you can get this pack too!

according the the avon website this is no longer available to buy on its own, perhaps thats why its being sold as part of a promotional set. but if you follow that link you can read some other reviews on it and i gooled it and it being sold pretty cheaply on ebay. i've really liked using this stuff, its very gentle and leaves my eyelids feeling soft and clean. it does a good job at removing the majority of my eye makeup.

again this one is no longer available, but i did find it on ebay for like 10/20p! this brush isn't really anything spectacular, but it does what it says on the tin. the brush end is quite good as the bristles are short and packed tightly together. it's also not bad at blending colours out in the crease of the eye.

i can't find this directly from the avon website either. however, the link i've provided is where it's available on amazon. i'm personally a big fan of eyeshadow primers. i don't have particularly oily eyelids, but i just find primers work really well for me and make my eyshadow last all day. this stuff is actually pretty amazing, its a brilliant base for any eyeshadow and really did make my makeup last all day, no creasing at all.

finally, something they haven't discontinued! i'm really impressed with this product. it's a lot thicker and heavy coverage than i was expecting it to be, which is exactly what i look for in a concealer to help hide my dark circles. this doesn't crease under my eyes at all and does a pretty good job at concealing blemishes too. this is also a perfect colour match for my skin. i haven't tried it personally, but looking at it and the coverage it gives it reminds me of the nars stick concealer?

this little beauty was actually the thing i was most excited about in this whole order! its basically a long, skinny lip crayon in a bog-standard red shade, BUT, it is brilliant! i've been wearing this a lot. it is SO pigmented for the price of it and gives an almost matte, but not drying finish to the lips. it also smells really fruity! it's very long last too. i'm in love, i will defiantly be purchasing another colour on my next order. the only downside to this product is that once you roll it up out of the tube, you can't retract it, so you have to remember that when using it.

this is another thing i was really excited to receive. this was originally only a perfume in a small, glass bottle and i'd always have it in my perfume stash somewhere, i've worn it for years. so when i saw they'd brought it out in a body mist that i could just chuck in my handbag without worrying i had to snap it up!
'a sweet blend of innocent red fruits and feminine jasmine with an intense heart of velvety white musk and warm sandalwood'.
it's just such a yummy scent and easy to wear during the day or evening, whether your young or old, i'd highly recommend this, its also an absolute bargain!

now, this isn't the most glamorous product in this post, but it is one of the most useful purchases i've ever made! i'm notoriously bad at buying new shoes and just wearing them out before braking them in and my feet end up covered in blisters. i also have several pairs of killer heels that actually almost kill my feet every time i wear them and this little thing has saved my long suffering feet! you just rub a thin layer of it onto your foot where the shoe would rub and problem solved!

so, as i said, this is my first month of being a rep and so far so good! i managed to make only £20, but hopefully this will increase month by month. if you have any questions about becoming a rep or any avon products don't be shy to ask or give me an email!
phew! well, if you made it through this mammoth post, congratulations to you! have you tried any of these products, if so, what did you think? do you have any favourite avon products that you recommend?

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  1. Im finding the Mega Effects Mascara so hard to master too! xx

  2. i think i'm almost there with it now! it's really good for the bottom lashes! x