i'm really enjoying being an avon rep! placing orders, receiving and trying a variety of products is great fun. however, i live in a small village, with quite a few old people and lots of young families, not really the most brilliant market for getting big avon orders. i'm receiving a few from my mums friends, some from my friends and a couple of neighbors, but the profits i'm making from this really isn't enough to live on. so i've applied for several jobs, had some interviews, so, as long as my health doesn't get any worse, hopefully i'll be working part time again to get some more pennies.

i always have to have a detangler in my hair care stash because one, i'm lazy and only brush my hair once a day, two, i use a diffuser when i dry my hair so it that causes a few tangles here and there and three, my hair is naturally wavey/curly so it tangles and knots on its own anyway. i've recently been using the l'oreal kids tangle tamer for wet and dry hair which has been brilliant and smells incredible, but as this avon one was cheap as chips and specifically for dry/damaged hair, so i thought i'd give it a whirl. i'm pretty impressed with this, its quite a thick consistency, so is very nourishing for your hair. its really good at helping my tangle teezer glide through my hair without snagging or pulling. the only thing with this is to avoid spraying it onto your roots as it can cause them to look a little greasy.

i'm always on the pursuit of a holy grail eyeliner for my water line and i've yet to find it. i brought this on recommendation from a friend of mine who has excellent taste in products and i'm so glad i did! the texture of this is so smooth and creamy, it glides into the waterline without dragging or pulling. the colour pay off of this is also incredible, it is such a dark black and it stays black throughout the day. this is also excellent for using on the lid in place of a liquid liner, i couldn't believe how precise it was and how well it stayed! this is so close to being the eyeliner i've been searching for, but it did smudge the tiniest bit on the bottom water line. but overall i really like this. my only complaint is that because it is so soft you use it up very quickly and have to sharpen it a lot.

i brought this again on recommendation from my friend. as you can see from the swatches this pencil isn't as pigmented as the gel eyeliner, however, i do really like this. its got a great formula that's really smooth and easy to apply. this has average staying power, it lasted a fair while, but not as long as i would have liked it too. however, this didn't smudge at all, so that's a bonus! this is from avon's 'cheaper' range, so taking that into consideration, i'm pretty impressed with this.

ahhh, i love this lipstick so much. it has me written all over it, its a pinky/natural colour and it's matte, perfect! this is such a lovely colour and is very quickly becoming my favourite everyday lipstick. what i also like about this is that its quite a dark pink, so its wearable throughout autumn/winter as well as summer, a good all rounder! also, although this is a matte lipstick, it isn't drying or chalky at all on the lips. its an easy colour to wear that anyone could pull off.

i'm really not sure why i brought this lipstick to be honest, its really not me at all. it's very sheer and its got a lot of sparkle in it. i think the picture of it in the brochure appealed to me, but the product isn't really what i wanted. its also no available through avon any more, but you can find it here. having said that i don't really like it, the formula is nice, its very light and glossy on the lips and i'll probably wear this around christmas time as i think its quite festive.

despite the slightly cheap and tacky packaging of this lipstick, the product inside it is excellent. this is again from the 'cheaper' range, but if the product does what it says on the tin that's fine by me. this lipstick has excellent pigmentation that really shows up on the lips. this is also a gorgeous autumn/winter lipstick shade. the consistency of this is very smooth and soft, its sits very comfortably on the lips and i didn't find it drying at all. the staying power of this was also pretty good.

this again has slightly tacky, plasticy packaging, but again, the product inside is excellent. this is such a lovely colour, a sort or watermelon red, hence the name i guess! its very pigmented, considering it has an almost balmy sort of feel to it. this again is another nice colour for autumn/winter, seriously, i'll use any excuse to add to my lipstick collection! i really like this, its nice to wear and lasts a long time on the lips. it also smells very fresh and fruity!

i talked about this product in the shade 'reddy to go' in my first avon rep post and said i wanted another colour, so here it is! i really love this product, they're absolutely brilliant. so pigmented, so creamy and so comfortable to wear. i'm devastated that they've stopped selling this on the website and in brochures at the moment, but you can find them here. i'm really hoping they bring these back as they're very reasonably priced and the product is brilliant. just remember they're non retractable once you've wound them up!

i'm personally a huge powder fan and because i have oily skin i think it really helps to set my foundation and keep it in place all day, only requiring minimal touch ups. so any powder that has the added benefit of oil control i'm always eager to try. this powder is quite light and fine and doesn't feel heavy or look cakey on the skin. i've only used this two or three times and i didn't have it on all that long, but it seemed to do a fair job at keeping my oil at bay. i'll report back with a full review when i've road tested it fully. the only downside to this is that it only comes in two shades, light and medium, perhaps this is because its part of the 'cheaper' range.

so, that's all of the products i got! i think i need to restrain myself a bit more on my next order! anyway, have you tried any of these products or any other avon products? if so what did you think? have you got any recommendations?

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  1. I love Colour trend I think they are really good for the price

    Carrieanne x

    Beauties Unlocked

  2. me too! really getting into this range! x

  3. i'm really impressed with them all! highly recommend them! love your blog! :) x

  4. i don't have any colour trend items, i think i may have to get some! :)

  5. you should, i'm hooked now! :) x