l'oreal paris hair expertise everstrong no sulphates* reinforcing system shampoo and conditioner, for fragile brittle hair - currently £3.99 at superdrug
i really don't know where to start with this stuff, it is absolutely incredible! i am beyond impressed with this range! recntly, due to my health and a number of medications i'm taking, my hair has really really suffered. my hair has thinned dramatically and is falling out in handfuls. its also breaking very easily when i brush it. i'd been using various shampoo, conditioners and treatments that claimed to help dry/damaged/brittle hair, but with no luck. so as soon as i saw noteworthy bloggers/youtubers essiebutton and icovetthee raving about how good these were, i knew i had to try them.

the first redeeming feature of these is that they are sulphate free shampoo and conditioners, which is really good for your hair and scalp. sulphates can irritate the your skin and scalp, along with damaging the hair follicle and this in turn can lead to weakened hair and dramatically lessen hair growth. obviously none of us want to be putting our beloved hair through any of that. the second excellent thing about these is that the majority of the ingredients are all natural, particularly the botanical oils, rosemary and juniper in the shampoo and botanical oils, rosemary and mint in the conditioner. these ingredients certainly give these a unique smell, similar to wet grass in my opinion! and lastly, but by no means least, is what they do for your hair. even after using these just once, i literally couldn't remember the last time my hair felt that soft, strong and healthy. my dry ends were dramatically less 'straw-like' and brittle, my hair didn't feel weighed down and had so much more movement in it.
i could seriously sit here all day and ramble on about how amazing these are. they really are incredible! i'm so impressed with them and they really are saving my poor hair. i highly recommend trying them and there's something for everyone in this range.
have any of you tried these yet? if so what did you think? have you got any favorites?

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  1. I always forget L'Oreal for hair care, I head straight to their makeup! These sounds really good though, my hair needs all the strength it can get!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. me too usually! i think these will be my go to shampoo and conditioners from now on! x

  3. Wow, great post! :) I am so up for trying these now, love your blog :) xx

  4. thank you! :) i really highly recommend these! x