i'm a big fan of high-street make up and i think MUA really excel across the board, they have a lot of great products. everything is so affordable, so if your just starting out with make up and want to try a bit of everything, or your on a budget, you can get everything you need! i think i'm going to invest in the highly raved about undressed, undress mee too and heaven and earth eye pallets. the fact that they're only £4.00 each for 12 eyeshadows is amazing!

mua lipstick, shade 11 - £1.00
now, £1.00 for a lipstick is so affordable and they're actually pretty good quality too! looking at the colour of this in the bullet it reminds me of mac brave? but the swatch doesn't really compare. this lipstick is very moisturising, but doesn't give a glossy look to the lips, the pigmentation and colour pay of of this is amazing! i can't get over how good these are for £1.00! i love love love this colour.

this is a bold claim to make, but i dare say this is my favourite eyeshadow to date. i'm very boring and keep my make up very neutral and i prefer matte shades and this is just perfect. i've been using this colour everyday for about a year and i have nothing but good things to say about it. it's not cakey, it doesn't crease and its the easiest colour to wear. again, this is an amazing product for a mere £1.00.

this is a recent purchase, but i'm really pleased with it. its such a lovely chocolatey/taupey colour that is perfect for autumn/winter. this goes really nicely with the previous shade, i just pop this in the crease and outer edge of the eye and blend it all together. it creates a really subtle, sort of, smokey eye that's really easy to wear during the day, or even in the evening.

there's a few more products i want to try such as the mua pro matte perfection primer, mua pro base eye primer and mua undress your skin highlighting powder. so, have you guys tried any mua products, if so what did you think? do you have any favorites or recommendations?

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