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fair enough, socks are a little bit of an odd thing to be lusting over, but oh my goodness, how adorable are these?! and they're all an absolute bargain, the most expensive being £3\4! i'd never heard of this website until i recently started watching amy valentine's videos and she mentioned and showed some of the socks she'd brought. they really are the cutest little things! i've made myself a little wishlist on the website and i think on payday i will be making a purchase!

have any of you heard of or got anything from this website? if so what and do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Oiiiiii I love socks! I'm back again :) gonna stop being a lazy bum xoxo

  2. socks are the one! woooooo! :D x x

  3. Ahhh these socks are amazing I want those unicorn ones! x