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1. i swear by my plain old tangle teezer, its the best hair brush i've ever used. it doesn't snag or break off any of my hair and its really efficient at combing out knots. i also like to use it to evenly distribute products throughout my hair. so, i'd like to try this one, the tangle teezer aqua splash, that's specifically for use in the bath and shower. i think i'd be good to use with conditioner as you could comb it though all of your hair helping the product get deeper into the hair and help detangle at the same time, win win! i think this also has a rubber base so it will stand up in the shower.

2. mac is my favourite 'high end' make up brand and i always try and restrain myself from buying things just because people rave about them, but i think it is time i invested the painterly paint pot. it is the most perfect colour, a skin-toned nude, exactly what i look for in my eye shadows. its also super long lasting and crease-resistant. also, i've heard it acts as an excellent base/primer for any other eye shadows. i currently don't own any mac eye shadows, so i think this will be an excellent first purchase.

3. oribe is a brand that's hugely raved about and recommended on blogs and youtube, so as soon as i saw lilly melrose talking about it in her september favorites video i knew i wanted it. her hair is very similar to mine, quite fine and she likes the same style of hair as me, matte, messy and grungy. i'm always searching for products that will give my hair some oomph as its naturally very flat and thin, not good. this also has heat protection in it which is an added bonus as it means you have to use one less product on the hair, so there's less in it to weigh it down.

4. i have been lusting after the real techniques brushes for an absolute age. i haven't yet brought them as i love my eco tools brushes, they're a cruelty free, ethical, green brand which i fully support. but on closer inspection when i was washing my brushes the other day i noticed they were looking a little worse for where. so i think i need two sets of brushed to alternate between and this set contains everything you need for base application and i know they're all brilliant from the thousands of reviews.

5. again, been wanting these forever, but hadn't purchased them for the reason i mentioned above. but, another reason i need want these brushes is also that i have a serious lack of eye brushes in my collection. i have a flat and an angled eyeliner brush and a couple of basic shadow brushes, what?! i really hadn't noticed this up until now. i guess its because i'm not often very adventurous with my make up, so don't tend to use a variety of brushes. but i will have to get my paws on this set so i can change that!

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