now, wait for it, i'm about to make a bold statement here, but, i think i may have found my holy grail moisturiser! i've battled with oily skin my whole life, i've tried a range of mattefying and oil-control primers before, but it never occurred to me that a oil-control moisturiser may actually help those work better, who'd have thought! this product is also excellent as it is suitable for sensitive skin too, so if you oily, but sensitive, this may be the perfect product for you!

as the name suggests, this is a mattefying moisturiser targeted specifically for oily skin. it helps to tighten pores and stop excess oil production  throughout the day to keep your skin or make up looking matte. it also claims that with daily use it continues to help close pores and control oil in the foreseeable future. this is an excellent base for make up, it leave the skin feeling matte and very smooth, i dare say you wouldn't even need a primer, but i'm pretty loyal to them. this does exactly what it says on the tin, i couldn't get over how matte, shine free and perfect my make up looked when i caught myself in the mirror after wearing it for a good 5/6 hours. i also hadn't touched up once! 

its not a heavy product that sits in pores or fine lines, it almost blurs them. it says you can apply this morning and night, but i prefer to use a thicker, more nourishing moisturiser overnight. also, and this is my only complaint about this product, if you were to use this day and night, everyday, you would've probably used it up within a couple of weeks, as this is a teeny 40ml tube, for £14.00, which is a bit steep in my opinion. that said, i love the packaging, its all matte white, even the box!

so, i think it's safe to say i'm smitten with this product and i'm keen to try their other products such as the la roche-posay effaclar duo which helps to unclog and perfect the look of pores, the la roche-posay effaclar a.i. targeted breakout corrector which is a targeted breakout corrector and also helps prevent blemishes leaving marks on the skin and the la roche-posay effaclar k which is a daily exfoliating fluid that helps remove pores and give the skin a smoother texture.

have you guys tried and of these products? do you have an favorites or recommendations?

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  1. this sounds great! maybe when i have a bit more money, i might "splash out" on this! (i only have a small budget) :) xx

  2. if you struggle with oily skin, i can't recommend this enough! x x