i've always drooled over the urban decay range, particularly naked, naked 2 and the naked basics pallets and now the revolution lipsticks. that being said, i've never really had any of the products because i feel they are rather outrageously priced, £37 for a pallet and £15 for a lipstick!? that's just a bit steep. also because i don't really class urban decay as a 'high end' make up range, its certainly a lot better then high street brands but not on par with other 'high end' brands. that being said, i was drawn in by this product as i'm always on the hunt for products to help my oily skin and i must say, i'm very impressed.

as the name suggests, this is a make up setting spray that helps your make up stay put and keeps oil at bay. and i can't quite believe how well this stuff works. its got all sorts of special science in it to help it work, such as it being oil and paraben free and it reacts when your body temperature rises to respond to the sweat and oil production, clever stuff! it is slightly sticky until it drys, but its then weightless on the skin and doesn't leave a film over the face. i team this with my la roche-posay effeclar matt moisturiser and max factor creme puff powder and the results are amazing. there was literally no shine or movement of my make up and i didn't have to touch up at all. this is very rare for me as i have extremely oily skin.

when i brought this i had done my research on it and had high hopes for it, but i still felt it was pretty expensive. but you do get what you pay for, not only is this product a life saver for oily skin, the effort that's gone into the packaging is brilliant too. there's plenty of information on the outside of the box that's a lovely matte cardboard and the bottle it's self is also a soft, matte white. there's two lids on it which helps prevent it leaking and wasting any of the product. it's also a very big bottle with a lot of product in it, you only need a couple of sprays of this, so i can tell it'll last a long time.

i really really love this product, its solved a lot of the problems i was having with making my make up staying put and excess oil making my make up look shiny and patchy. because its performed so well the slightly expensive price is forgiven and i think i will be using this for a long time. i'll also have to purchase the travel size to pop in my handbag! this size would be good if you want to try it but are unsure if its for you, as its only £9 for a 30ml bottle, so you haven't wasted lots of money and product if you don't like it. i may have to bite the bullet and get myself a naked pallet!
do you like urban decay? do you have any favorites or recommendations? have you tried this product?

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