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1. alexa chung it, very quickly became a very very popular book and i'm not surprised. its now also now a top ten seller. i'm a big fan of alexa chung, i think she's a down to earth, genuine woman and an excellent role model for girls of all ages. this book is just so lovely and a personal insight into where, as a style icon herself, she gets her inspiration from. i feel that it also tackles the fact that we're all human and all have the same questions and worries. this would also be the perfect gift for any fashion lover if you were struggling to pick a pressie for someone!

2. i have been lusting after a cailin silver ring for aggges. i've seen a few people wearing them and admired them and wanted one ever since. the name originates from ireland and is gaelic i believe. the design dates back to the 17th century and represents love and friendship. its a really simple, pretty design that'll be nice to wear everyday. this again would make a really nice gift, given the meaning behind it.

3. i know what your thinking, bear with me and ignore the flashbacks to the horrific burberry phase that happened. i was first brought this as a 13th birthday present and instantly loved it. it's not a chavy, cheap smell at all. its a very musky, warming scent that's perfect for the winter, its also so long lasting and you can smell it on yourself. i always received compliments when i wore this and when i used up my last bottle of it i kind of forgot about it. but i was browsing the isles in boots the other day and came across it again. i need this back in my collection!

4. yet another cult beauty product, but one that really does live up to the hype. the emma hardie amazing face moringa cleansing balm came on the scene and everyone went nuts for it. i was very desperate to give it a go, but the £34 price tag is just a little ridiculous in my opinion, but hey, it's christmas, so maybe santa will surprise me! that said, everything i've heard about this seems to justify its slightly eye watering price. its filled with lots of lovely natural ingredients and essential oils and claims to balance and perfect the skin. it can also be used in several different ways, so its a very good all-rounder product.

5. by now i'm sure your all aware of my love of candles. but its come to my attention that i'm spending a rather large amount of money on individual candles. so, i thought this would be a more economical way of sustaining my candle addiction. this is a little expensive on its own as its a yankee candle electric wax tartlet warmer, but the individual tarts only cost about a pound each, so in the long run, it works out a lot cheaper. this is the gift i really really want the most! (i can't link you to this as i think it's sold out, boo! this is a similar one though!)

so that's all i've really specifically asked for for christmas and whatever i get, i'll be very grateful for. christmas is my favourite time of year, the food, the drinks, the christmas tree! even if i didn't receive any presents i'd still love it and to be honest, i love shopping for others and giving gifts, its a very satisfying feeling i think!
i hope you all have a fab christmas and enjoy yourselves! what are you guys wishing for this festive season?

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