this is yet another 'cult' beauty product that has done the rounds on all the beauty blogs. and as i've said before, i'm not one to be sucked in by the hype, but this seemed like the solution to a make up problem i was having. i tired so many mascaras on my bottoms lashes and they were either too clumpy or too thin and didn't make my lashes look how i wanted them to. i'd just accepted the fact that i added an extra five or ten minutes to my make up routine to painstakingly mascara my bottom lashes until i was happy with them! but, my mum then kindly brought me this as a gift for my birthday and i can't believe i've suffered on this long without this miracle product!

this is my first ever clinique product and i'm very impressed! this claims to be a long wearing formula and boy is it ever! this lasted hours without any flaking or smudging. when i came to take it off i used my nspa hot cloth polish, which usually removes any trace of mascara with ease, (and i wear a lot of layers of mascara) but to get this stuff off i had to double cleanse! when applying this its really black and smooth to apply, it doesn't pull on the lashes and isn't clumpy. you also don't need loads of coats of this to achieve the desired look.

the packaging of this product is so cute and dinky! it'd be perfect to travel with and pop in your handbag for touch-ups. i like the flowery pattern on the tube, its really different to all other mascaras. then of course, there's the unique brush, it is absolutely tiny! this obviously makes it perfect for getting all the small bottom lashes. you can use it horizontally to get all the lashes at once or you can use the tip of it to get individual lashes. the tiny cone shape of the brush makes it perfect for coating lashes that normal, larger mascara wands cant get.

in my opinion, this is now officially my holy grail mascara! its absolutely perfect and does the job amazingly! it's also a multitasker, as its really good at getting into the very inner and outer corners on the upper lashes, where normal mascara wands would smudge onto they eyelid, bonus! i'm now eager to try the clinique take the day off cleansing balm and the new clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes in bountiful beige.
have you tried this mascara? what did you think? do you have any clinique favorites or recommendations?

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