i think it was last year sometime that l'oreal released their new skincare range and the thing that really took off was their skin perfection 3 in 1 micellar solution, as it was said to be an excellent, yet cheap dupe of bioderma. i have personally never tried bioderma, but i'm a big fan of l'oreal's micellar solution, so i thought i'd try some of the other products in the range. i always like to have an eye make up remover around for when i'm feeling too lazy to use my nspa hot cloth polish to do a proper cleanse, (i know, slap on the wrist for me!). this stuff claims to remove even waterproof eye make up and leave your skin feeling fresh but non greasy. you just shake it up before you use it so the blue phase with oils in it mixes with the clear softening phase. 

firstly, this stuff does do a very good job at removing all traces of eye make up even my million layers of mascara and my hard to budge clinique bottom lash mascara. just pop it onto a cotton pad, press and hold it onto the eye for a few seconds and hey presto, your make up dissolves. it doesn't sting the sensitive skin around the eyes, nor does it cause a problem if you get it in you eye. this product is very cooling and softening on the skin, but it does leave a slightly oily residue, this however does quickly sink in to soften the skin further. my only real complaint about this is that the dispensing method of this shaped bottle is a bit messy and can be a little wasteful. that said i do like the style and colour scheme of the packaging.

so this is a winning product from the l'oreal skincare range. it does the job its intended for easily and efficiently. also, emma from milkteef (one of my absolute favourite bloggers!) reviewed it here and said its a brilliant dupe for the clarins instant eye make-up remover, amazing considering how cheap this little product is!
have you tried this product or any of the other products from l'oreal's skin care range?

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  1. this is my fav i absolutely love it.



    1. me too now! i'm really really taken with this product and the whole range actually! x x