ahhh lush, where do i start!? lush seems to be pretty much under the radar until this time of year comes around and everyone goes nuts for it! as soon as the halloween and christmas limited addition things are released lush posts and videos start to appear. this year i was thoroughly sucked in by this and went a tad overboard. i hadn't been into a lush for about two years actually, i'd always just walk past drooling over the smell that comes out of the shop, so delicious! i brought mainly festive products, but a couple that they sell year-round so i thought i'd talk about these first.

as soon as i smelt this, i knew i had to have it, it is a very 'me' smell. this particular bath bomb has bergamot, frankincense and blackberry in it. its such a fresh, calming scent and leaves you feeling very relaxed. its also slightly musky too. its mainly blue on the outside with pink and purple flecks in it, but when it hits the water in the bath it turns a really bright purple colour and the smell it gives off is just amazing. its also really big considering its only £2.95, i think lush have got their value for money bang on!

it made my bath look so pretty as you can see! and there's a nice little surprise inside it in the form of a temporary tattoo, cute! i'd strayed away from my love of baths for a while, but now i've rediscovered lush, i think i've spent more time in the bath than out of it! its also been helping with my dodgy joints and helping me relax before i go to bed, which is helping me sleep better, win win! i'm so impressed with this bath bomb, not only did it make my bath smell amazing, but the whole upstairs of my house! the smell also lasted on my pj's and dressing gown for ages too, i think this may be a new favourite!

as i said, i went a bit overboard in lush, so expect a lot of bath posts coming your way! i'm so happy i rediscovered lush an found lots of goodies i really love! on my next trip to lush i'm going to invest in the catastrophe cosmetic face mask and the cosmetic warrior face mask as my skin is being very temperamental at the moment! 
do you have any lush favorites or recommendations?

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  1. I love how this doesn't look too exciting in its bath bombe form but completely transform the bath. Plus there is never such a thing as overboard in Lush!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. i knowwww! it's fabulous, it has one of the best scents ever in my opinion! hahha, i suppose your right ;) x

  3. Amazing! I love Lush! Your blog is great!

    1. me too, so glad i rekindled my love for it! thanks! your blogs lovely too, your so pretty! x

  4. This bathbomb looks great :)


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