so, as i said in my previous lush post i went seriously over board and brought nearly the whole shop! i only got a couple of things that they sell all year round, so i wanted to talk about those first, so if you wanted to try them, you could head out and get them. this one i brought one, because of the delicious smell, two because it reminds me of pez (anyone agree?) and three, louise aka sprinkle of glitter raved about it in her lush haul. all of these things combined made me want to try this and i'm so glad i did! its also the first bath melt i've tried, exciting!

a bath melt is essentially what the name suggests, its a little bar of goodness that melts in the bath water and makes it feel silky soft and lovely! this particular block of goodness smells like sweet, fruity mangoes, its seriously yummy, as soon as i put it in the water, my whole bathroom filled with the mango scent. because this is a lush product, of course it's filled with lots of yummy natural ingredients. this has lemongrass, lime and lemon essential oils AND mango butter, lots of goodies! its not as pretty as all the other stuff in lush, but don't pass this little orange brick by, it'll do wonders for your skin!

it doesn't do anything spectacular to your bath water, its just melts and gives the water a bit of an orange tinge. but, this is so nourishing on your skin, the minute you get into the water you can feel it hugging you! your skin instantly feels soft and hydrated. its also so very relaxing breathing in the scents from all the lovely oils in it. this was in fact SO moisturising that i didn't need to use a body butter after my bath or the next morning! this is defiantly a winner for this time of year, tending to all your skins needs!

there's a lot more lush goodies waiting to be used in my bathroom, so i'll keep you posted! the next one on the list is the christmas eve bubble bar, which i will be using tomorrow night, i cannot believe its finally christmas, my favourite time of year!
have you tried this bath melt? have you got any lush recommendations?

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