mac technakol eyeliner kajal, graphblack - £14.00
as you all know by now, i am always on the hunt for the perfect black eyeliner to put in the water line. i want an eyeliner that actually shows up black, applies smoothly and stays put all day. so thus far, i've tried virtually every eyeliner from the high street, so i'm now having to extend my search to the higher-end make up brands. so my first port of call was mac. i've tried and loved several products from them, so i hoped they would come through for me in my hour of need and they very nearly have!

i was slightly unsure about buying this at first as i previously brought mac kohl power eye pencil in feline on recommendation from one of the mac girls. it was too soft and didn't last on the water line, it also slightly transferred onto my lids, not what i wanted and i felt pretty let down! anyway, i was in the store picking up so more foundation, so i thought i'd ask again and this is what the girl recommended. i swatched it on the back of my hand and was impressed with how black it was and how smooth the texture was. i also liked it because its a mechanical pencil that you wind up, so you only use as much product as you need, rather than normal liners that often wear down very quickly.

you can create thin, less dark lines if you just apply it with a lighter hand. i haven't yet used this on the lid as winged liner, but from the softness of this pencil i'm sure it would apply very easily. it also sets to a nice almost matte, smudge-free finish. all that said, when applied to the water line, this stuff is amazing. as i said it glides on very easily without pulling at the eye, its very soft and doesn't leave that 'gritty' feeling in your eye. this has the longest lasting power of any liner i've ever had, it stays put virtually all day. sometimes it can fade a little in the very corner on the eyes, but its barley noticeable. i'm so happy i invested in this!

however, because this does wear slightly in the corners, i think i will still try a few more eyeliners to see if i can get one that is exactly perfect. also, this is a little pricey at £14, but i suppose it proves the point you get what you pay for! over all, i'm very impressed with this and it is now my staple, everyday, must have eyeliner.
do you have any mac recommendations? do you have any recommendations on any other eyeliners?

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