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1. lets be honest, the naked 3 palette is on every beauty blogger and youtubers christmas wishlist this year and why wouldn't it be!? it is so so so beautiful, the packaging, the colours, everything about it is to die for! i unfortunately don't have the pleasure of owning any of the naked pallets yet (i know, tragic) but i think this may be the first one i add to my collection. i would have to say its my favourite out of all three of them, i love that the whole thing has a rose gold colour scheme to it. pinkey/browney, warm toned shadows are perfect for this time of year and are easy to wear for any occasion, but particularly autumn, winter and the festive season. you could create so many different looks using this pallet, its so versatile and has something for everyone in it. i have to get my paws on this!

2. yes i know, i'm lusting after yet another pinkey/nude lipstick, i can hear my mum saying 'you don't need any more lipsticks' and 'its exactly the same colour as all the other ones you've got'. and hey, she's probably right, (not that i'd say that to her face!) but i waaaaant it! its the perfect 'your lips but better' colour, a pinkey/nudey/beige/neutral. its also in an amplified creme finish, so the colour pay off this gives is really pigmented, its not matte looking, but its not glossy either. this would be an easy everyday colour and would look amazing with a smokey eye.

3. as some of you may know from my lush blackberry bath bomb post i rekindled my love of lush and went really overboard, but only on bath bombs, melts and bubble bars. i just got so carried away with all of the christmas stuff i didn't even think to look at the skincare stuff. so when i got home i has a look on the website and found some face masks that sound like exactly what i need to help my current skin situation. my skin is being very temperamental at the moment and i seem to be breaking out on my forehead, in my hairline and on my chin. so i think this will be the prefect thing to knock them on the head and take their angry, redness down.

4. next is the AC011 deluxe double sided blender foundation brush from crown brush, phew, bit of a mouthful! anyway, recently i seemed to have developed some sort of addiction/obsession with make up bushes. i'm building quite a collection now, but i don't have anything quite like this. i firstly like that its double sided, two brushes for the price of one, bargain! i also like that they are in a pointed shape, they'll be excellent for blending concealer and foundation in under the eyes and round the sides of the nose. crown brushes look amazing, have a brilliant reputation and are so reasonably priced, this one is only £10.99!

5. another lovely little brush from crown, the C456 pointed blender. this is another pointed/tapered, very small brush that i think i would again use it for blending concealer into the very corners of the eyes and around the nose. also the shape would make it perfect to pat concealer onto any blemishes and blend it in easily. both brushes i mentioned are from the infinity range which claim to 'apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles', exactly what you want from a brush! this collection is also vegan with synthetic bristles, even better! this brush only costs a teeny £5.99, it just gets better!

6. ah, i feel like i've rambled and lusted after this product for so long and every time i cave, decided to go and buy it, my local mac never has my shade! the mac studio finish concealer looks like my perfect, multipurpose concealer. i have seriously, seriously dark circles under my eyes and sometimes my collection lasting perfection concealer paired with my mac pro longwear concealer still struggle to completely hide them, (i know, they're SO bad). also, i sometimes feel the collection concealer can sometimes be a bit cakey under they eyes and on blemishes, so i think the mac studio finish will be pigmented enough to hide the eye bags and creamy enough to blend seamlessly over blemishes.

7. yet another lush product, are you really surprised? there will be a full review on him coming soon, because i of course picked him up during my splurge in lush, but he had to be on my wishlist as i'm so in love with him! i will be going back to buy a million of him to last me through the year! first of all, how cute is he!? secondly, the smell, oh my goodness, he is delicious. he just smells like christmas, all musky and spicy and warming. he is full of lots of yummy natural ingredients of course, including cocoa butter, Sicilian lemon oil and cardamon oil. he leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft, no need for moisturiser! and your bathroom will smell like christmas!

so that's my rather long wishlist, i feel like i've rambled on forever but i really love all of these products and must get my hands on them! i have asked for some of these for christmas, but i will have a specific christmas wishlist coming soon!
do you guys have or want any of these products? whats on your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. Nice picks! That face mask looks great! I'm lusting after the naked 3 too lol Xx

    H @ Higher&Haya

  2. i think every beauty lover is ;) following your blog, your so pretty! x