l'oreal miss manga mascara - £8.99
this is a new release from l'oreal that i looove! i'm so glad i picked it up as its everything i want in a mascara, volumizing, curling and jet black. it's got a unique 360 degree flexible wand with a conned shaped brush, which is excellent for adding oomph to the lashes. i'm a huge fan of this for the above reasons and for the fact that it means i don't have to use more than one mascara make my lashes look how i want them. if you want to read a bit more about it, i've reviewed it here.

avon balanced + matte deep cleansing day mask - £2.10
it's a little bit cheeky to talk about this one because you can't get your hands on it yet. i am lucky enough to be an avon rep so i can buy products one or two months ahead of the 'general public'. this will be available really soon though, so keep your eye pealed! there's a similar one here. anyway, back to this one! i really like this, its a clay mask with a slight perfume scent. you apply, leave it to dry for 15 minutes and wash it off. your skin feels incredibly soft and any blackheads are cleared. it also does an excellent job at clearing excess oil from the skin and keeping them away for a good two or three days after use. i'll be doing a full review soon!

ahhh, my new favourite make up products. i think these and the lacquer balms are everybody's favourite now! revlon have done an amazing job with these, the matte balms are particularly perfect. they're apply easily, have excellent colour pay off and have long lasting staying power. there's a colour and finish in the range to suit everyone's tastes. these are literally the only lip products i've been wearing this month and i don't see that changing anytime soon! love love love these! i have a full review of these here.

now, i have no idea why it took me so long to wake up and buy this, it is amazing! deep breath, this may be my favourite skincare product, i know, bold claim! but, if you've ever used this, you'll know what i'm talking about! if you have blemish prone, oily skin, you need this in your life. you can apply it morning and night, i prefer to use it just at night, its very soft and mattefying on the skin, wake up in the morning and blemishes and oil are dramatically reduced. after about three days of using this my skin was almost completely clear, its like a miracle product! i'll be doing a full review on this soon too!

this isn't a new product to the beauty world, but its a new discovery to me. i'd been eyeing it up for a while, but my mum then kindly brought it for me for my birthday. this is the most perfect little product. it it tiny and compact, it does what it says in the tin, but one hundred times better than you'd expect it to. it defines and fans out your bottom lashes and it doesn't smudge or flake, perfection! it's like my holy grail mascara i think! there's a full review here.

yet another infamous product! but i almost had a heart attack when i saw this in sallys (along with the shampoo and conditioner) and had to grab them. i'd seen several youtube beauty gurus rave about these and i'm always on the hunt for miracle hair products so i knew i had to try this. and, bold claim again, i think this is my favourite hair treatment. it does, as the name suggest, ten things in one, it detangles, provides heat protection, helps split ends, lots of good things! the shampoo, conditioner and this leave in treatment are a winning combination! i've got a review of all of them in the pipeline!

if you saw my christmas wishlist you'll know how much i wanted some more of this and my boyfriend kindly brought it for me. its safe to say this is one of my all time favourite perfumes. i think it's very fresh and warming and also quite sophisticated. it's very long lasting and i always receive compliments when i'm wearing this. this is a perfect winter scent as its quite musky and deep too. this is the 100ml bottle so i wont be running out of this any time soon, yay!

what have you been loving this month? have you tried any of the products i've mentioned?

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  1. I've wanted to try the bottom lash mascara for a while now! I loved this post x

  2. i can't recommend it enough, buy it, you won't regret it!
    thank you :)! x