i am a huge fan of high-street mascaras and i've never used any high-end mascara actually. the reason for that is because i've always been happy with the results high-street mascaras give to my lashes. i'm quite lucky to be blessed with quite long, curly lashes so i don't have to do a great deal to them to get my desired look, hence why high-street mascaras get the job done. so, all that said, you can guess that when a new budget mascara is released i'm always eager to try it and this one looked pretty interesting.

this claims to have a unique 360 degree flexible cone shape brush that gives mega volume to the top and bottom lashes. bold claim eh!? but, don't doubt it, personally i'm very impressed with this and like it a lot. i'm a big fan of clumpy, thick mascara, so is right up my street. i'm also a fan of both plastic and bristle wands, but i think this one is quite unique. as you can see its a bristle brush, but it has various different length bristles on it, that then taper out to a point at the end. this shape is particularly useful for getting to the root of the lashes to fan them out and to get the teeny inner corner lashes. this is also one of the best mascaras, other than the clinique bottom lash mascara, i've found for defining the bottom lashes. the formula of this is very long wearing and doesn't flake or smudge. you don't have to apply a million layers of this to get long, full lashes that give that wide-eyed look.

the other very impressive thing i would like to point out about this is the way that the lid closes, i've never come across it before. when you close normal mascara tubes, you just sort of twist it until its as tight as it'll go. but with this, when you twist it shut it very firmly clicks and locks closed, which is obviously what you want as it keeps the air out, preventing germs getting at the mascara and stopping it drying out.

well done l'oreal, i think you've produced an excellent multipurpose mascara that doesn't break the bank!  i'm really impressed with this and i think it may be a new favorite of mine!
have you tried this product? what are your favourite mascaras?

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  1. I'm glad you liked it! I've got this ready to try and can't wait :)
    Sweet Dreams

    1. very impressed with it! :) i hope you'll like it, look forward to reading your thoughts on it!
      love your blog!