okay, so this post is a little late, but i had a bit of a dramatic start to the new year and i'm just starting to feel well enough to get back into the swing of blogging. i also brought my very own domain for my blog, exciting stuff! so, this is one of the many christmas offering from lush that i picked up. i'm sorry i'm only posting about this now, as you can no longer get hold of it, but i went overboard with the festive stuff so i'll be using it all year round! i was instantly drawn to this buy the smell, its very me. it's musky, deep and warming. and, as always, its a huge bubble bar, for a teeny tiny price tag.

i apologize for the smudged label but my bubblegum lip scrub leaked in the bag! i like how the design of this bubble bar ties in with its name, its like the moon in the night sky on a christmas evening! as this is a bubble bar, it does exactly what it says on the tin, makes bubbles in your bath! you just crumble it under running water as you draw your bath and you get a delicious smelling and very inviting bath. it never fails to surprise me how much lush products throw their scent, their so so so delicious! obviously there's lots of delicious natural goodies in here such as irish moss powder to leave the skin soft, with essential oils to relax you and jasmine for a gorgeous scent.

lots of lovely bubbles! i think i could have used a bit more to make bigger bubbles, but i'll know for next time! i did use this on christmas eve and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it was so relaxing and my skin felt very soft afterwards, which is surprising considering that this product is only intended to make pretty bubbles. as usual my whole bathroom smelt delicious for days after using this. lush bubble bars are also excellent value for money a you can get several uses out of the one product.

yet again, lush has hit the nail on the head with another perfect product! they're also a company i really enjoy buying from as its a unique shopping experience, they have excellent values, they're fighting to stop animal testing and they do a lot of good for various projects and charities.
do you have any lush favorites or recommendations?

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  1. I loved the Lush christmas stuff but never tried this, thanks for the view :)
    I love the Think Pink and The Golden Wonder!

    1. the christmas stuff is defiantly my favourite! I love golden wonder too! ohhh, I haven't tried think pink, I'll have to pick it up!
      love your blog, I'm now following you :)