mua luxe velvet lip lacqures, reckless & atomic - £3.00 each
the minute i found out that mua were releasing this product, i seriously could not contain my excitement! i absolutely love mua as a brand already, they're products are brilliant quality, yet seriously affordable and they have a huge range of products. there really is something to suit everyone! but they really have stepped it up a notch bringing out these liquid lipsticks, competing with the likes of the hourglass opaque rouge and the lime crime velvetines, you can read my review of the latter here.
as you can see, for a high street, budget brand the packaging is pretty damn chic in my opinion! i really like the frosted tube with the black lid, i think it all works very well together. the product inside is also unbelievably amazing, i can't quite find the words to express my love for it. this product is very me and has so many elements to it that i love. its an innovative product, its a liquid lipstick that on first application is a like a highly pigmented, wet gloss, yet dries don to a vibrant matte finish, a-m-a-zing!
this product is applied with the doe foot applicator which is actually a really good way to get very precise, even distribution of product on the lips. the only small issue with the doe foot is that it sometimes picks up too much product, too much for one application. so you can either remove some of the excess with a cotton bud, or load a lip brush with the product then nothing goes to waste. this is my favourite colour from the whole range. its a beautiful deep, winey red that is perfect for this time of year and evening make up looks.

this is the second colour i picked up (all the other ones were sold out, i know, i was gutted!). this one is much more of a true neon orange, it is very bright, but it still dries down to a gorgeous matte finish. defiantly a shade for spring/summer, it'll be nice to jazz up those no make up make up looks. i was also pretty happy these were the only colours left because they are very similar to the velvetine shades i have, so i think i'll do a comparison post on them at some point! i personally think these are also very similar to my beloved collection creampuff lip creams.

as i've already said, these are incredibly highly pigmented and the colour pay off is amazing. i would also like to say that although these dry matte, they're not too drying or chalky as these products sometimes can be. if you pop some lip balm on before applying this you'll be good to go all day and i mean all day. when i swatched these in superdrug the colour wouldn't wash off my hand for nearly two days! the best way ive found to remove these is with the l'oreal absoloute make-up remover eye and lip, just put it on a cotton wool pad a press gently onto the lips and its comes off. they do leave a slight tint of colour behind, nothing obvious though.

so as you can see from my very, very long post (sorry!) i really love these products and i must get my paws on the other colours, particularly the gorgeous deep purple colour called kooky. mua have done a seriously good job with these, they are amazing and they're only £3.00, crazy! mua are one of my favourite high street make up brands and they never fail to impress, they offer brilliant quality products at purse-friendly prices.
have you tried these? have you got any mua recommendations or favorites?

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