revlon colorburst matte balm, sultry and striking - £7.99 each
i need to take a deep breath before i start talking about these, it's going to be difficult for me to contain my excitement. i can't remember the last time i was this excited for a product release. i'd heard rumors about these coming to the uk, then when all the 'big' beauty bloggers/youtubers started talking and posting about the press launch party and showing sneak peeks of the colours, my excitement doubled! i can tell these and their sister product, the revlon colorburst lacquer balms, glossy instead of a matte finish, are going to be hugely popular.

naturally i was drawn to this colour first, its my go to, matches any make up look, everyday lipstick colour. its a mauvey, pinkey natural shade that will easily suit any skin tone. this colour is seriously perfect in my opinion! so, lets talk about the matte finish of these. they are incredible. it's very difficult to find a good matte lipstick on the high street, but revlon have cracked it with these. they apply so easily, smoothly and are truly velvety. not only that but the pigmentation of these is excellent, they're very true to the colour in the bullet. the other thing that's really surprised me about these is the staying power. i applied these, ate my lunch, dinner and had various cups of tea and coffee in between and these barely budged at all!

revlon have stuck to their classic thing of having their 'crayon' lipsticks have a fresh, minty scent & taste, so if you weren't a fan of that with the just bitten kissable balm stains (which i think are being permanently replaced with these?) you may not like these. but, i would highly recommend that you try and ignore that bit, because these are just fantastic products. the packaging of these is also perfect, the tubes on these are a soft matte to match the product inside and the lacquer balms have a glossy exterior. i do have two very small complaints about these though. one being that as they're matte, you will need to apply a lip balm before using these because they do cling to dry patches. the second is that some of the shades aren't as strongly pigmented as the others for some reason. these however are very minor issues that i can live with!

i think revlon deserve a round of applause for producing these beauties! they are so so so perfect, i think they may be my new favourite lip product and i can't speak highly enough of them. i will definitely be going out and getting some of the other colours, particularly shameless and standout.
have you got your hands on these yet? what do you think?

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