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1. i had never really heard of elemis until my friends mum started selling the brand. so, naturally she got lots of lovely samples to try (that were full size i might add!) and she very kindly gave me some, this stuff being one of them. it's like nothing i've ever seen before and as far as i'm aware its completely unique to elemis. the glass bottle is filled with a solid lump of frangipani monoi oil, so whilst your running a bath or in the shower you let it sit in the hot water and it melts the oils down to a liquid. you then unscrew the tiny, pointed silver lid and pour the oil out. now, i don't think i have the words to describe how luxurious and delicious smelling this is, it is absolutely divine. its so thick and nourishing when rubbed into the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. i love using this just before i go to bed as its so lovely to snuggle up and breathe in the beautiful smell it leaves on the skin. you can tell how much i love this, i'm rambling on now! my only issue with this is the eye-watering price, £31.50! it is a big bottle though, 100ml and it lasts a long time.

2. this little beauty of a phone case has popped up on various blogs i read and i instantly fell in love with it. its so cute and very unique. i already have a pretty 'out there' case on my phone, which you can find here, so this case is exactly the sort of thing i like. i'm very obsessive when it comes to having cases on things like my phone, ipad and ipod, but its always nice when they're pretty and practical. the link i've provided up there is the link to the authentic moschino case, but there is a budget alternative on ebay here. its identical as far as i can tell, but with a purse friendly price of £5.92 instead of £44.00! personally, i know which one i'll be going for...

3. its winter so lip balm is a must have, so what better excuse is there to treat myself to the infamous nuxe reve de miel lip balm. this stuff has been raved about all over the blogging and youtube community and i haven't heard a bad word said about it yet. its a very thick balm that has lots of nourishing ingredients in it such as honey and shea butter. it is also said to have been tested in extremely cold conditions in canada and 96% of people agreed it soothed chapped lips. so if that ins't a testament to how great it is i don't know what is! i've also heard it said that this dries down to a matte finish which makes it perfect to use before applying lipstick.

4&5. and last, but by no means least, the revlon colorburst matte balms. this is yet another new product launch that i was incredibly excited about. they're everything i look for in a lipstick and some of my all time favourite lipsticks are from revlon, so i have very high hopes for this. i also love the packaging, the fact that its matte and it is a twist up mechanism. oh! and don't forget they smell deliciously minty fresh! now, i was in a boots a while away from my house on friday and they had all the colours, so i practically ran to the revlon stand to swatch them. my oh my are these things incredible, the colour range, the colour pay off and the silky matte finish. so, i hear you asking 'hatty, why didn't you snap them up!?', the answer to that question is that i had just received some cracking boots vouchers through the post an wanted to use them to purchase these, but i'd left them at home. so, naturally i thought 'i'll just get them in my local boots when i have the vouchers on me'. i went to carry out my little plan on saturday, but, devastatingly, my local boots hadn't received their stock of them yet, boo! so this week i will be going on a mission to get these babies!

that is everything i'm currently wishing for. i do apologize for some of the rambling in there!
whats on your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. How cute is that phone case?! I'm dying to try the Revlon lip pens too.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. isn't it precious!? just a outrageously priced in my opinion!
      they're really really amazing, such fab colours!