as you know by now, i'm an avon rep, so i get lots of deals on products that will be released soon and when i saw these i knew i had to have them. these are now out in all avon books and online so if you like them you can get your hands on them too. avon is clearly following the latest trend of 'lip crayon' type pencils, these need to be sharpened when blunted, rather than twisted up from the bottom, which can be a bit of a pain. these come in a really pretty range of colours, so there's something for everyone. my only issue with these is the slightly tacky name and packaging...

this is one of the more natural shades they offer, it a brown toned nude colour. i wasn't actually one hundred percent sure weather this was going to suit me as i thought it may be too dark and muddy looking. but when i applied it actually turned out to be a really close colour match to my natural lip colour and really very flattering. it made them look really full and plump, the pigmentation was also pretty impressive. i was also pleasantly surprised o discover that these are all matte lipsticks, but with a glossy, buttery texture that makes them very moisturizing, light and non-drying on the lips.

this is the only one of the four that i don't like a will definitely not be wearing. this just ins't a me colour in the slightest, its a very pale, pearlescent pink, really really really not my thing. even though it does have that sort of sheeny/shiny look to it, it is still quite matte on the lips and again very moisturizing and light feeling. this one is the least pigmented out of the three and is almost sort of sheer. i just really don't like the colour or finish of this at all, it's very 'little girl playing with her first piece make up' esque. this one will be being passed on or given away, anyone want it?

this is another lovely colour, if not slightly scary looking! it's very dark in the bullet and the colour pay off on the lips is very true to this. it is a very dark, almost black looking, plumy, winey colour. i love these sort of colours, particularly at this time of year, or in the evening. again this is easy to apply and glides on smoothly. i think this one needs to be paired with a lip liner so you cant see any of the pale, skin colour of the natural lips around the edges. this one was slightly longer wearing than the naturally naked one, but all of them have pretty good staying power.

this is the last colour in the range and of course it had to be a red. this is a very dark, brown toned red, that is probably closer to the plum side of the spectrum. if your a bit afraid of wearing dark lip colours that'll attract attention, i wouldn't recommend this one for you. i really like this one too, it's a very 'me' colour, another good one for the evening. again because this is so dark it may need a lip liner to help it look good on the lips.

so, overall, apart from the sensual pink colour i'm really pleased with these! when i brought them they were only £2.50, so an absolute bargain! they apply easily, have good colour pay off and an okay lasting power. and an added bonus is that they're also matte which is often difficult to find in cheaper brands. these are nowhere near as good, in any way, as the revlon color burst matte balms, but they're defiantly a good budget alternative. have you tried these? do you have any avon recommendations or favorites?

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  1. What sharpener do you use to sharpen these? I cannot for the life of me find one thats big enough!

    1. i haven't actually used any of them enough for them to need sharpening yet, so haven't encountered that problem! sorry i can't be more helpful, but when it does come to sharpening them, i'll let you know how i get on! x

    2. Thankyou but It's fine, i found one from primark which fits perfectly haha!xo

  2. Have these been discontinued? They are not in new book.