towards the middle of last year i realized i needed to step up my haircare routine. my hair was becoming very thin, easily knotted, (well, easier than normal...), limp and just generally not healthy looking at all. the other thing is that it was getting so greasy so quickly, within hours of washing it, as you can guess, it wasn't exactly a good look! so, i went on the hunt for some sulfate free, more expensive, with better ingredients shampoos and conditioners. i started using the l'oreal paris everstrong shampoo and conditioner and that helped bring my hair back from the brittle, fragile mess it was. so i then wanted something more nourishing and pampering, this is where these step in.

this shampoo is exactly the sort of thing i was looking for. it gives my hair the much needed moisture it's lacking, along with lots of other good things! obviously, as the name suggests, these products do ten things in one. the shampoo contains vitamin c which helps hair growth, can make hair thicker and can prevent hair loss. aloe vera that again promotes hair growth, conditions the hair and helps prevent dandruff. and lastly ginger which is a good treatment for split ends, helps treat dry, brittle hair and helps prevent hair loss. so, with all those good things rolled into one, does it work? the answer is a big fat yes! my hair was much softer, less dry feeling and plumper after just one use. it didn't feel weighed down and also felt much thicker and fuller. you don't need to use a lot of this, seriously, my hair is almost below my ribs and i only use 2/3 pumps at a time. also, don't be alarmed if this doesn't foam up as much as your used too, as it's sulfate free, this reduces the foaming agents in it. the thing i've found is the cleaner your hair, the more it foams up, the dirtier the less foam.

the conditioner also has good ingredients to help treat and care for the hair, but works more on making your hair easier to style and brush. this detangles, adds strength as well as providing uv and heat protection, pretty impressive stuff for a conditioner! this again left my hair incredibly soft, i was particularly impressed with how well it worked on the damaged ends of my hair, they felt smooth, thick and so much less dry. thanks to this it made my hair a lot easier to brush as it eased some of the bigger knots in my hair whilst i was rinsing it out. this is quite different to other conditioners too, it has a classic thick consistency, but when you apply it to your hair, it doesn't instantly make your hair feel soft, so don't be tempted to put loads of this on, 2/3 pumps is plenty. as you wash this out, that's when the softness and conditioning happens.

this product is a bit of a lifesaver! it does so many thing in one that it cuts out the need for so many other products, which saves time and money, amazing! this has a combination of nice ingredients from the shampoo and the benefits from the conditioner in it, so i suppose it really is a miracle product! so this has got heat protection, frizz control and colour protectant in it, along with it preventing split ends, repairing damaged hair and enhancing natural body and shine! this really is the icing on the cake of this haircare system. its a very thick, cream consistency product that sinks weightlessly into the hair and does everything it says it will. you don't need a lot of this either, it goes a long way. the improvement in my hair has been incredible and these three are now my go to hair products.

as you can tell from this very long, wordy post, i love these products! i cannot recommend them highly enough. my only small issue is that one, these are a bit difficult to get hold of if you don't have a sally's near you, but you can find them on amazon here. and they are quite expensive, BUT, these last me around 4-6 weeks as you don't need to use a lot of product, so they actually work out to be very good value for money. the l'oreal hair expertise range are an excellent budget alternative though. i'm looking to try the it's a 10 miracle hair mask, the it's a 10 keratin miracle oil and the it's a 10 volumizing leave-in lite conditioner. have you tried any of these products?

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