ever since i brought the la rouche-posay effaclar mat moisturiser i have been fully converted to la roche-posay as a brand and the whole effaclar range. it's exactly what i need in skincare, its for oily to combination, blemish prone skin, it looks to treat any blemishes and keep oil at bay. this is the original version of the effaclar duo, the new effacalr duo + has just been released which i'll be trying after this one. having oily, blemish prone skin, i've tried my fair share of spot treatments, but i don't know how i coped without this one for so long!

so the whole effaclar range is aimed at oily and blemish prone skin, all their products aim to reduce these properties in the skin. this little tube of goodness is specifically to target blocked pores, spots and impurities in the skin. this can be applied day and night and as it dries down to a matte finish it wouldn't be a problem to wear under foundation. i prefer to apply it at night, under my moisturiser, after i've cleansed and toned. i try to limit the amount of products i have on my skin during the day, so it isn't overloaded. this applies very smoothly, much like a serum, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave the skin feeling like there's a film over it. 

i'm completely bowled over by how good this product is, seriously, where have you been all my life!? literally the morning after applying this i could see a visible difference in the blemishes i had, my pores looked less open and even the oiliness of my skin was reduced. after three days of use my skin was the clearest it'd been in a long time. this is particularly good and getting rid of those nasty, sore, under the skin, hard, lump-like spots, (you know the ones). it also works wonders on those pesky blackheads that collect on your nose. this didn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry it out at all, it's nothing like the harsh, chemically spot fighters i've used in the past, but its a million times better!

this is now one of my holy grail products and i won't ever be without it again! this in combination with the effaclar mat moisturiser has done wonders for my skin. it's much clearer and my oiliness has definitely been reduced. and since i started using his i've had no huge breakouts, just the occasional spot here and there. i'm now a huge fan of this range and am keen to try a few of the other products like the effaclar k, effaclar A.I. and the effaclar purifying foaming gel.
have you tried this product or any of the la roche-posay products? do you have any recommendations? would you like to see my full skincare routine?

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  2. your blog is adorable ! love it! and love effecalr duo!


    1. thank you so much! i am in love with this stuff, so happy i've found a spot treatment that works!
      love your blog, I'm following you! x

  3. I like La Roche-Posey cosmetics - but this one didn't try yet.
    Awesome review!
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