there's nothing quite like a nice, warm, relaxing bath at this time of the year is there? and nothing tops a bath off like adding a lush product to it. and you know by now that their festive offerings are by farm my favorites and this is one that i hadn't tried before, but was instantly drawn too. first of all it's in the shape of a little happy santa, secondly it's absolutely huge and thirdly the smell, oh my goodness, it literally all the good smells of christmas and winter rolled into one. how i wish you could get hold of these all year round!

this little chap has mandarin oil in it, which is excellent for adding gloss to the hair, along with it being antibacterial to help treat any skin issues, then, obviously, there's the delicious smell, it is so fruity, yet deep and musky at the same time, very relaxing and calming. it has bergamot oil in which is where the musky smell comes from, but its also antibacterial and antiseptic, along with being very good for relaxing the body and mind. and lastly orange flower absolute which is excellent for balancing oils in the skin and maintaining a healthy skin condition, of course it smells fresh, fruity and uplifting too! i believe steamcream use orange flower absolute in their moisturizers for these reasons.

as you can see, when you pop father christmas into the water, at first he turns the water a white/pinky colour, then it turns sort of yellow and then a bright, festive green colour! i love using a bath bomb you've never tried before, it's always exciting to see what colours will emerge! the whole room quickly becomes full of the delicious scent and the water is very soft, you can feel the essential oils in it. as always, it leaves your skin feeling very silky and moisturized. the scent of this particular one lingered for a long time on my bed sheet, for three of four days after using it every time i got into bed i'd get a waft of it, a nice relaxing scent to drift off to sleep too.

as usual, another winning product from lush! yummy smelling, creates and amazing bath and is good for your skin, what more could you wish for!? my stash is starting to get a bit low now so i'm currently eyeing up their easter things that will be available from the 21st of febuary. did you get your hands on this at christmas or any of the other limited addition goodies? have you got an other lush recommendations or favorites?

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