my nails are my pride and joy and i love having them done, they're so pretty and just make me feel good! they are my real nails, with gel over the top and before people start saying 'that's so bad for your nails', the way i have mine done is very different from the way chinese salons do them. i have them done by a lovely polish lady who trained in poland and uses polish products. they're techniques and products are completely different and your nails aren't damaged at all. my nails are naturally very thin, brittle and break before they even get long enough to paint, these have improved my nails no end! so i thought i'd share them with you as i get them done monthly and always have different designs and colours. do you have your nails done? or are you blessed with lovely natural nails?

 photo kokokkk_zps93526a33.png


  1. Absolutely loving this nail design, i am a sucker for anything sparkly haha! I love the nude and sparkly tones and how they really compliment each other. I am really in the mood to piant my nails now :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. i love a bit of sparkle too! haha, go get creative with your nails girl!
      love your blog, i'm following you! x x