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ren is a skincare brand that has been on my radar ever since i started reading beauty blogs and watching beauty gurus on youtube, everyone always goes on about the clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser and from then on i was hooked. i've always ogled at the whole range, but i'm yet to purchase anything, but these are the goodies i'm currently lusting after. they've also had a bit of a revamp and brought out a few new bits that are going down very well with beauty and skincare lovers.

1. ren clarimatte t-zone balancing gel cream:
this is one of their new ranges that they've introduced as far as i'm aware and it's right up my street! it says its 'a light gel moisturiser that leaves the skin matte, balanced and hydrated', everything i, as an oily skinned girl, would ever need from a moisturiser. its specifically aimed at combination/oily skin and balances it, reducing oiliness, blemishes and breakouts. its got natural ingredients such as flavonoids and scalicilin in it which helps purify the skin and reduce sebum. along with glucomannan which disperses oiliness, reduce shine and restores balance to the skin. this sounds like a miracle product for us plagued with oily skin eh!

2. ren clarimatte invisible pores detox mask:
this is another new product along the same lines as the gel cream, its to help oily skin and all the nasties that come along with it. this is a 'detoxifying clay mask designed to reduce the appearance of pore size and leave the skin purified, smoothed and toned', again, something that would greatly help my skin. i struggle with particularly large pores around my cheeks and nose, along with blackhead, so this would be perfect for drawing those out. this has minerals in it to draw out impurities and excess sebum, with essential fatty acids to help smooth the skin and make impurities less visible.

3. ren clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser:
this is the little beauty that sparked my interest in the ren brand. its raved about all over the internet and loved by so many people, i haven't heard a bad word about it. 'the clearcalm 3 system combats the 3 key causes of breakouts and blemishes: excess sebum; build up of dead skin cells; blemish-causing bacteria, without harshness'. yet another product that seems perfectly suited to my skin type. essentially this is an antibacterial cleanser that prevents breakouts and blemishes. french clay helps absorb excess oils and purifies the skin, with mayblossom to tone enlarged pores. i really need to get my hands on this!

4. ren clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream:
another product from the clearcalm 3 range, with similar properties. this one is 'a soothing gel-cream formulated to leave blemish prone skin replenished, comfortable and calm while combating the appearance of blemishes and breakouts'. this can be used day and night to heal blemishes and improve redness or scaring left behind by spots. its got licorice extract in it to combat oiliness and an essential oil complex to help calm and soothe the skin, whilst reducing inflammation. this one would be nice to use overnight and seems similar to my now beloved la roche-posay effaclar duo.

5. ren clearcalm 3 clarity restoring mask: 
this face mask sounds really really good, 'a treatment mask formulated to combat and help prevent breakouts. it will reduce visible blemishes and leave skin looking clearer, calm and even toned'. excellent, what more could you want from a face mask!? this will be a nice one when you want to target all your bad skin issues in one. there's calcium carbonate in this to absorb impurities and excess sebum and sulfur which exfoliates, reduces inflammatory lesions and is antibacterial.

6. guerande salt exfoliating body balm:
i love a good body scrub and i've heard this one receive high praise from several bloggers and youtubers. 'a gentle exfoliating body balm which removes dead cells which will leave your skin nourished, renewed and glowing', again what more could you wish for!? i like to exfoliate my arms and legs daily as it keeps them smooth and helps my body lotions and butters work better, its also good for prolonging a tan! this has got guerande sea salt, peppermint oil and olive oil in it, lots of lovely things to leave your skin soft and smooth.

7.  ren glycolatic radiance renewal mask:
this is yet another ren product that has become a bit of a 'cult' favourite. suffering with oily, blemish prone skin means that sometimes the products i use to help that can leave my skin looking a little dull, so something like this would be perfect for injecting some glow back into my skin. this is 'a potent active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone'. peels can sometimes be harsh and stripping but this one has natural fruit acids in it and papain to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, encourage skin turnover and smooth fine lines.

8. ren hot cloth cleanser:
this is from one of the new ranges they've introduced, the rosa centifolia range and this is their hot cloth cleanser. 'a rich two-phase cleanser that purifies, decongests, gently exfoliates and removes all make up. it leaves skin refreshed, radiant, smoothed and replenished without dryness of tightness'. sounds good huh? i personally love hot cloth cleansers, i haven't found anything that does the job as well. that said i have just brought the emma hardie moringa balm, so we'll see if i change my mind! this has vitamin p to protect the capillary venous system to decongest and soothe, with triglycerides to improve the skin barrier functions against moisture loss, clever stuff!

9. ren no.1 purity cleansing balm:
this is another one from the new rose centifolia range. this product seems a bit different from anything else i've come across, it's a cleansing balm but in a squeezey tube, pretty innovative if you ask me! 'a luxurious silky rose infused cleansing balm. when applied with water the balm turns into a rich milk and leaves skin purified, calm and glowing. it gently yet thoroughly melts away dirt and make up (including waterproof mascara)'. exactly what you want and would expect from a cleansing balm but with extra goodies like rose oil for stress relieving aromatherapy properties and lecithin to help retain moisture in the skin.

yet again, a reallllly long list of things i'm wishing for, surprise surprise! i really like ren as a brand, they have some excellent products, with all natural ingredients, clever bio extracts and no horrible things like parabens or sulphates in them. they're packaging is also very simple with clean lines, very appealing in my opinion. they're pricing is also incredibly reasonable considering how natural and skin kind the products are. have you got any ren recommendations? have you tired any of these products?

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  1. I am desperate to try so many things from Ren, I tried the Invisible Pores Detox Mask and I am addicted it is so amazing! lovely blog, just followed :)

    1. me too! i can't decide which product to try first though! ohhh, i'm glad they live up to expectations then!
      thank you so much! x