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1. so tartan is back with a vengeance this year and i'm so pleased that it is, i love love love tartan! i think its so easy to style and can be warn in so many different ways, it's also really festive and wintry, so perfect for this time of year. tartan is a very subtle way to jazz up a plain or all black outfit. this style of dress is so pretty, they're very flattering on pretty much any figure and i think there's something very sexy about them! i think this style is very versatile as it could easily be warn in the day with a cardi and boots or in the evening with some killer heels and a leather jacket. the lace, the tartan, it all goes together so nicely and this little number will definitely be a timeless piece that'll never go out of style.

2. yep, more tartan! but, as i said, another way to wear it and in another gorgeous colour. i love green, it's my favourite colour, i think it works exceptionally well with blue in a tartan pattern. leggings are my thing i wear them allllll the time, usually just plain black, so these would make a nice change from that. again i think these could be a daytime or an evening piece when paired with the right shoes and accessories. they would also look particularly good with either pair of boots pictured above.

3. oh my goodness, i don't think i've seen a bag this pretty in a long long time, it is so beautiful. zara always seem to do a perfect job on their handbags, especially when they brought out their office city bag which bloggers and youtubers went crazy for (i'm still lusting after it too!). they've really outdone themselves with this one, not only is it stunning on the outside, but the inside is incredible! it folds out and there's a little pouch for your phone, a coin purse and slots to hold your cards, amazing! my only issue with this is that its not leather, its a small clutch bag and its priced at a whopping £59.99, really zara!?

4. rings are my favourite type of jewellery and i do seem to hoard them, whoops! of course, like everyone else, i love the whole midi ring thing, i think they're really cute and actually very flattering on the hands. again, they're a very good way to spice up a plain outfit and can be real statement pieces. recently however i've really taken to the very thin, plain band types. i have accumulated a few in various shapes in gold and silver, but i'm now lacking some rose gold ones, so these would be perfect. i've really taken a shine to rose gold things recently, i'll have to pick up a few more bits i think. this particular pack of rings are from h&m and are an absolute bargain at £1.99 for seventeen rings!

5. ahhh, these boots are just amazing, they're right up my street. i love how chunky they are, the buckles on the side and the fact that they're cut out so you can wear pretty socks with them in the winter and without in the summer, you can use them all year round, win win! the fact that they're platformed with a sturdy heel means that they'll be easy peasy to walk in and would be okay to wear for prolonged periods of time. again, my only complaint is that they're a bit overly priced considering that they're not leather, but in comparison to other topshop shoe prices they're not bad!

6. and yet another pair of chunky, black, 'leather' boots. i think its safe to say these are my current favourite fashion product of the season. i think it was the vagabond dioon platform boots that brought this style/trend back and i love it. this style of boot is very versatile, something you can wear casually or dress them up for the evening. i also really like the quilting on the front of these ones. unfortunately, yet AGAIN, these are not leather, but still priced at a pretty expensive £40.00. but hey, that isn't likely to stop any of us buy them is it!

so those are a few of the fashion goodies i'm looking to get my hands on! what are you guys currently looking to add to your wardrobes?

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  1. Bruv, I've got that New look tartan dress! Went into Parkway the other day hoping it was in there, found the only one there in my size! Someone must've returned it. Yayyyyy.

    Samantha at Nashbag | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog


  2. Wonderful choice...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. thanks! your blogs cool too, i like your style!