as you all know by now, i'm a huge fan of the la roche-posay effeclar range, particularly the effaclar mat moisturiser and the effaclar duo, they both hugely impressed me, so i was pretty eager to try the other products in the range. i'd heard good things about the effaclar k and thought it would be a good one to pair with the effeclar duo, to use over night and help combat the redness left over from old blemishes. this is meant to help pores look clearer and refine the skins texture.  it appears this brand can do no wrong, all their products are just amazing!

so this is of course aimed at oily and blemish prone skin. its a micro-exfoliant that unclogs pores to leave the skin looking smoother and with long term use it can help prevent the skin relapsing. it has lha in it which reduces the amount of bacteria in pores and it also doubles up as an exfoliator. the retinol linoleate is the ingredient that helps smooth and even the skin. this can be used morning and evening, but i prefer to use it overnight so it can work its magic over a longer period of time. this dries down to a very smooth, matte texture so would act as a perfect make up base too. 

after just one use i could see an improvement in my skin. in the morning my skin appeared less red, was less oily and had an overall more even colour. particularly the pores around my nose seemed smaller and less visible. this even worked wonders on the blemishes i already had, they were much smaller and much less red. its also nice to find an exfoliating product that's gentle, yet effective enough, to use on a daily basis. this paired with the effaclar duo overnight create a dream team for your skin, they've solved so many of my skin issues.

i'm so so so happy i discovered this range, it really has worked wonders for my skin! they're amazing products that don't break the bank. if you feel like you've tried everything to help your oily, spotty skin and nothings worked, give these a go, i can't recommend them enough! i'm going to try wearing this under my foundation and see how well it works. i'm defiantly going to buy the effaclar a.i. targeted breakout corrector for when my skin is particularly bad.
have you tried any of the la roche-posay products? do you have any favorites or recommendations?

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