i'm sure your all aware by now no that i love lush. i'm a huge fan of all their bath products but hadn't really dabbled in their skincare until recently and i'm so glad i've discovered it! i was pretty eager to try their fresh face masks as one, the majority of them smell delicious, this one in particular and two, they're nice a cooling on the skin as they're kept in the fridge. and of course, all their skin care products are 100% natural and have lots of skin kind, skin nourishing ingredients in them. i went in with the intention of buying the cosmetic warrior face mask, but the assistant recommended i try this one first.

as i said, all their fresh face masks have to be kept in the fridge as they're preservative free, meaning they'll go off if they're not kept cool because of all the natural ingredients in them. this one is aimed at oily, teenage skin, now i'm no longer a teenager, but do have very oil, blemish prone skin. this is a cleansing mask that aims to absorb excess oil and calm any breakouts. it's got rhassoul mud in it which is a natural mineral product that acts as as a cleanser, as well as an oil absorbent. the mint in this is used for its antiseptic properties to help spots as well as to cool the skin. there's also glycerin in this to help soften and nourish the skin. all these ingredients rolled into one makes this product smell like mint chocolate, yum!

as you can see it's a very thick consistency with a slightly gritty texture to it, which i personally like because as you wash it off it also exfoliates the skin. when this dries it doesn't feel tight on the skin, it's just very cooling and pleasant feeling. once it's washed off there's defiantly a visible difference in the skin, it's so much softer, plump and calm looking. there's no trace of oil and any spots are reduced, some of mine completely disappeared, they're also much less red. overall my skin just felt amazing! it also looked so smooth and healthy. this really is a quick fix mask that gives consistent results.

as you can tell i could sit here and go on about this for ages! i love this product and will defiantly be trying the cosmetic warrior, cosmetic catastrophe and mask of magnanimity masks. i'd also like to give the coalface facial soap, the enzymion moisturiser and the dark angles face and body cleanser a go. can you tell i'm impressed with the lush skincare stuff!? i also love the fact that if you bring back five empty face mask pots, you get a free mask, amazing! have you tried any of the lush skincare range? do you have any recommendations?

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  1. I love face masks by Lush :) they're always so refreshing


  2. I've never tried any face masks at all (shock horror) But I really want to try a Lush one, everybody says they're so good!:)x