i have been loyal to my beloved tangle teezer for a long long time, but it was looking a bit worse for wear, the teeth were pretty bend and it was definitely time to replace it. so, conveniently, sally's had a vat free day so how could i say no? i went in with the intention of buying a new tangle teezer and my favourite shampoo and conditioner, but stumbled across this. as soon as i saw it i was intrigued, it looks like your bog-standard hairbrush. but then, i remebered anna from vivianna does make up raving about this in her january favorites, saying it was better than the tangle teezer, so i knew i had to have it.

as i said, looking at this i was pretty skeptical if i'm honest. the bristles look like your classic  hair brush bristles, with those horrible bobbles on the end that usually rip your hair out. but it took it up to the counter anyway, asked the sales assistant if she'd tried it and she instantly started singing its praises. so it came home with me and i couldn't wait to give it a go and oh my goodness, it's love! this thing is amazing and dare i say it, better than my tangle teezer! as it says on the packaging it works on all hair types, wet or dry.

this thing a godsend if you have tangley hair, it just literally glides through, no tugging, no pulling and no snapping of your hair. it tames any flyaways, smooths hair into place and doesn't make your hair at all static. it's an absolute dream to work with and leaves your hair looking so shiny and healthy. if your trying to grow your hair or it's recovering from damage, you need to invest in this, it'll improve your hair so much! i can imagine this would be so nice to use with extensions or weaves too. i just love this so so so much, it's such a pleasure to use, works so well and fixes so many hair issues.

i cannot recommend this enough, i never thought i'd find a brush to replace the tangles teezer, but this well and truly has. if your in the market for a new hair brush, this baby needs to be your first port of call! the other added bonus of this one compared to the tangle teezer is that this has a handle, always helpful! have you tried either brushes? what did you think?

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  1. I've been using a tangle teaser for ages now and this is the first post I've heard about this brush, but it sounds really good. I really want to try it now!x

  2. this sounds fab!!