since i started using the it's a ten hair care range my hairs been in amazing condition, but the ends were getting a bit dry thanks to the cold weather. so i went on a hunt to find something to help smooth and repair my split ends. i didn't want to stop using my shampoo and conditioner so i wanted a leave in treatment that would fix the problem quickly. i also didn't want to spend a fortune on moroccanoil if i could find a cheaper alternative that would get the job done. i hadn't read any reviews on any specific split end treatments (other than the philip kingsley elasticizer, which i'm desperate to try) so i thought i'd start with a budget product and see how i got on.

i'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to products like this, they're usually pretty hit and miss when it comes to results, but that said, i did see a difference in my hair after a couple of uses. so this is meant to control the frizzy look of split ends and make them look shiny and freshly cut. there's also supposedly a 'reconstructive complex' in it that actually repairs split ends and over prolonged use prevents them. i've been using a couple of pumps on this, everyday, on the end and mid-lengths of my hair and it is definitely lightweight enough to use daily.

it also does a good job of adding shine and leaving the ends of my hair smooth and soft. as you can see it's more like a gel formula instead of a creamy conditioner consistency. i'm enjoying using this product. although i have to use two pumps at a time as i have quite long hair and the bottle is only a tiny 30ml, so i do't think it'll last all that long. also i can't see that my split ends will stay smooth and repaired after i stop using this, we'll have to see i guess!

overall this is a nice product to use and you do see results pretty quickly and i probably will repurchase it, but i don't think its's a miracle cure for split ends. the results may last longer if you use the shampoo and conditioner too. i think i might give the split remedy split mend intense recovery masque a go, it's the same price as this serum but you get a much bigger 300ml pot.
have you tired this product? have you got any tresemme recommendations?

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