thanks to my friend sam, from nashbag we were both lucky enough to be invited to the vouchercodes swap shop bloggers event! the whole idea of it was pretty amazing if you ask me! you took along some clothes you no longer wore, that were in good condition, handed them in, you then received stamps based on the value of your clothes. then you would pick clothes to take home but paid with them with your stamps instead of money, amazing! there were some truly amazing pieces there but it was very hectic trying to get you hands on the bits you wanted!
the venue was also amazing too, in a really nice building in soho, the first floor was where you swapped your clothes, could customize tights, get your nails done and get balloon hats, along with cupcakes and sweets! then on the second floor were rails and rails of clothes, shoes and accessories! there was also a photobooth and a bar serving the most delicious cocktails ever! can you tell sam, katie and i enjoyed them a bit too much? it was such a fun night and was so nice to meet lots of other lovely bloggers and sped some time in london.

the day after sam and i chilled out at our hotel for a bit but then she insisted we had to go to the diner in camden and oh my, i'm so glad she did! it is incredible there! if your a fan of american style, comfort food, you will love it! its really cute inside with lots of little booths and its actually very reasonably priced! so so so good, i will defiantly be going back when i'm next in london!

so that was our little adventure and it was so much fun! i can't thank vouchercodes enough for inviting us and hosting such an amazing event! make sure you check out sam and katie's blogs too!

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  1. Mmmm I love cocktails! The swapshop sounds amazing! So jealous, Also your blog is absolutely amazing, wanna follow each other? :) Keep in touch! x


    1. they really were incredible! it was a lot of fun, so nice to socialise with fellow bloggers!
      thank you very much, i'll check out your blog too! x

  2. this looks really like a fun night. love caipis! xx