it'll come as no surprise to anyone that i'm a loyal user of the infamous collection lasting perfection concealer, that stuff is a godsend when it comes to hiding my dreaded dark circles. but as i was perusing the collection stand i noticed this paint brush style concealer. i also noticed that it was claiming to have illuminating benefits in it, which, to be honest, my tired looking eyes could really use! i thought it might also be able to double up as a cheekbone/eyebrow bone/middle of the nose highlight and at a budget friendly £4.99, you can't really go wrong!

this is one of those ysl touche eclat style concealer pens that has a brush on one end and the product comes out when the other end is twisted. it takes a few turns but the product then comes out onto the brush and it's actually the perfect amount to use under both eyes. the consistency is quite thick, but it doesn't have as high coverage as the collection lasting perfection concealer. it blends very easily and isn't cakey on the skin. it didn't crease or sit in any fine lines either. it combined well with my foundation too.

the shade is chose was naked 1, which was the palest shade left. when i initially swatched it i thought it was far to orange/pink for my yellow toned skin, but when i blended it out, it was actually a perfect colour match. that said, to get the full illuminating effect out of this concealer i think i may get an even lighter shade. it worked well with the collection lasting perfection concealer, which hides the bulk of the darkness, this then helps bring some life back into my skin.

although this did have a slight illuminating effect, it wasn't anything drastic, so i don't think i'll be repurchasing this one. that said, it's still a nice concealer to use and is a good, lightweight alternative if your not a fan of the collection lasting perfecting concealer. i think i may have to bite the bullet and buy the ysl touche eclat to get the effect i'm looking for. 
have you tried either of these products? what did you think? do you have any illuminating concealer recommendations?

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