on friday the 28th of march my dad's work told him he needed to fly to las vegas for business, he rung me and asked me if i wanted to go with him, obviously i jumped at the chance and by monday the 31st our flights were booked to leave on thursday the 4th at 10.25am! i can't begin to explain to you how excited and nervous i was about the trip! i'm terrified of flying and hadn't been on a long haul flight since i was ten, so that was playing on my mind, but i had so little time to pack and get excited that i didn't rally have time to stress over it, which is a good thing really.
as i said i only had four days to get myself together so i did some research on places to go, things to see and asked friends of mine who had been before what we should do while we were there. i was obviously also very excited about all the shopping i'd get the chance to do...haul anyone? 
we landed at about half past four vegas time, after a pretty hideous ten and a half hour flight, ugh! it also added insult to injury that my dad got to fly first class, he had one of those flat beds, a bar and a gourmet menu! i was stuck all on my own back in economy, i just filled the hours with watching endless amounts of films and drinking copious amounts of vodka and coke to steady my nerves. 
with that ordeal over i couldn't wait to see the strip and our hotel! we stayed in treasure island hotel which is right on the strip, we had an amazing view from our room! unfortunately the pirate show wasn't running as they were rebuilding the set, i was pretty gutted about that actually! there was plenty of restaurants, shops and coffee houses in the hotel to keep me occupied though and, of course, the casino, which i personally loved the smell of, if you've ever been to vegas, you'll know what i mean! we got to do so many amazing things like feeding stingrays at the mandalay bay shark reef aquarium, seeing the cirque du soleil micheal jackson one show, which is one fo the most amazing things i've ever seen, going to the grand canyon national park, visiting the hoover dam and this amazing wildlife park bearizona.
i loved vegas so much, the hotels are fantastic and so beautifully designed. i loved seeing the strip at night, the fountains at the bellagio, the volcano at mirage and of course all the amazing restaurants, the food in america really is the best! i want to go back so bad, so hopefully i'll get the chance to one day! anyway, i'm rambling now, but if you ever get the chance to go, i can't recommend it enough! if you have any recommendations on thing to do and places to go in vegas let me know for the next time i'm there!

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. Although I've never been, I wouldn't expect anything less - everyone that visits seems to love it! Will keep an eye out for a haul...! :) x

    Danielle ·

    1. i did thank you, i want to go back already! yep! if you ever get the chance you must go!
      i did some serious damage in sephora, i could have brought the whole shop!
      love your blog! x