as i mentioned in my april favourites this is most definitely an oldie but a goodie. i'm sure we've all used this at some point, i particularly loved it when i was a teenager. i was really happy to receive it in my #OXMEET goodie bag as i could rediscover my love for it. i'm a fan of manual exfoliators over liquid ones because i think they feel more active and like they're getting the job done. all that being said, they can sometimes be a bit harsh and scratchy, so it's nice to find one like this that's gentle, yet effective and also smells nice!

st ives are pretty well know for their scrubs and they're also know for using all natural ingredients, making their products very skin friendly. this one in particular has swiss glacier water and swiss botanicals in it. it also says that it cleanses deeply and instantly leaves skin smooth and glowing and after using it, i can say my skin does feel much softer and plumped up. it also leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean. as you can see from the picture above there's a mixture of smaller and lager particles in the scrub meaning there's an even level of cleansing and exfoliating on the skin. as an oily skinned gal i like to use a scrub on a daily basis, as i feel it helps remove excess oil and grime from my pores and this is gentle enough for daily use on my skin. and there's the pretty apricot scent it has, i personally find it very relaxing. 

i'm glad i've rekindled my love for this old faithful scrub. it's simple, yet effective and isn't harsh or stripping on the skin, it just gets the job done. i'm sure everyone would get on well with this, it's dermatologically tested and non-irritant too, so would even be suitable for sensitive skin. i'm now eager to try the st ives blemish fighting facial scrub, the st ives invigorating all over body scrub and the st ives timeless skin daily microdermabrasion face scrub, this one looks particularly interesting!
have you tried this scrub or any of the others i've mentioned? what did you think?

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*pr sample
although this was a gifted item, i am not being paid for this post, all the opinions are mine and one hundred percent honest and true.


  1. Oh my gosh this is my favourite face scrub :)


    1. it is so nice! lovely and refreshing!