although the weather isn't quite playing ball, it is meant to be summer. so that means ditching the boots, taking off your socks and revealing your feet. i for one am not a fan of my feet, or feet in general, so anything i can do to make mine more appealing is a must. so, these are a few thing i find helpful when it comes to readying my feet for the warmer months and hopefully you'll find it useful too.

1. start early
this is one of the most important things to do. you wear socks and closed in shoes for the majority of the year and you think hey, i've got plenty of time before the summer, but it rolls around quickly! so i usually start working on my feet in march. i like to use a foot file (the one pictured was a bargain at £1 from primark, it has a pumice side and a grater-like side) to slough off the majority of the hard skin on my feet, my heels are usually worst, and i make sure i do this daily. i then apply an ultra moisturising, soothing balm, my favourite one is the body shop hemp moisture high balm, its a super thick, healing and restorative balm that transforms my feet in a matter of days. if your feet are in particularly bad condition, you can apply the balm and then sleep with the avon planet spa moisturising socks on and it'll work it's magic over night.

2. maintenance and daily care
if you start working on your feet early, you'll only have a minimal amount of work to do when it does come time to get your tootsies out. your feet should just need a quick file before you hop in the shower and the use of a quick scrub like the avon foot works beautiful marine salt invigorating scrub which will instantly scrub off any dry bits of skin and leave you feet silky smooth. this is my favourite foot care product and i use it year round. i also like the avon foot works exfoliating bar soap which is slightly gentler, but does the job. i swap the body shop hemp moisture high balm for the body shop hemp foot protector, as by now my feet are in good condition and only need a light moisturising lotion to keep them soft. i usually apply it in the evening, before i go to bed, so it can sink in and work over night.

3. paint your toe nails
this ones a no-brainier and i'm sure all of you have your toe nails painted all year round. it really does make your feet look so much healthier and pretty. it's always good to wear a colour that compliments your skin tone too, it'll make you look more tanned! it's an opportunity to wear bright colours or to match your toe nails to your outfit. i picked this colour as it matched my nails for when i went on holiday to greece. although, recently i've taken to painting my to nails white, thanks to gracie francesca, from ugly face of beauty, it makes my feet look almost sexy and it's definitely enhancing my tan!

4. pretty & comfy sandals or flip flops
i am firmly on the birkenstock bandwagon, these were another primark bargain, just £4! i like them because they're ugly but pretty and are literally the most comfortable things i've ever put on my feet. wearing them is like walking around all day in slippers! you should wear pretty sandals or flip flops to show off all the hard work you put into your feet, but make sure they're comfortable because you don't want them to rub, give you blisters and mess up your summer ready feet! that's another reason birkenstock's are amazing, they have so much support and don't make your feet ache.

those are my tips and tricks to help get your feet ready for summer. i hope you found this helpful and i can't recommend the body shop hemp moisture high balm enough, it's an amazing quick fix for dry, cracked feet, or any other dry areas on your body. it doesn't seem to be available directly from the body shop, but you can find it here. do you have any tips for getting summer ready feet? do you have any foot care product recommendations?

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