i'd been eyeing this up in lush for while and obviously i caved a brought it. lush is one of my favourite places to buy face masks, you get a lot of product for you money and of course they're made of all natural ingredients. this ones also two products in one, as you can use it both on your face and on your back, or anywhere else you've got some problem spots. this mask i excellent and if your in need of a quick fix for those pesky blemishes, look this way.

so this has lots of natural goodies in it to help clear up spots. it has peppermint oil in it to cool and calm the skin, evening primrose seeds which have natural anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural exfoliant too. it also has african marigold oil in it which has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, which help reduce skin blemishes and inflammation. as you can tel from all those calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients in it, this helps bring down the redness and angriness of spots. it also helps clean and calm the skin. and that it does, with one application of this you see an instant improvement in any spots and general skin healthiness.

as you can see, like most lush masks, it's quite thick in consistency, but is very easy to apply. as soon as you glide it onto the skin you get an instant cooling and refreshing effect. when this is on the skin it feels so fresh and almost tingly, its very relaxing. and an added bonus is that it smells like mint choc chip ice cream! you leave it on for five to ten minutes, i sometimes leave it for up to twenty, then scrub it off with a warm cloth. the process of doing this mean the ground aduki beans exfoliate your skin as you remove it, meaning you get an all round deep clean. 

yet again, another amazing lush product that really delivers. this is now a firm favourite of mine and will be an essential in my collection for those emergency skin situation. they've also brought out a new version of this, a self-preserving one, meaning it has no preservatives in it, making it even more natural and kind to skin. i want to try the catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask and the ayesha fresh face mask, lush have far too may appealing products! and the fact that they use all natural ingredients, don't test on animals and help lots of charities is an added bonus. have you tried this mask? do you have any lush favorites or recommendations?

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  1. Lush always do so well, but this isn't the most attractive looking product. But then who cares if it works!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. they do, i love everything i've ever tried from them! it is slightly odd looking, but don't be put off, i can't recommend it enough! x