gatinaeu supersize tan accelerator - £41.52 
gatinaeu is a brand i'd never tried before, until me and my mum went on the hunt for a tan accelerator to use for our holiday to greece. the idea with this body lotion is that you use everyday for about two weeks before you go on holiday, then during the holiday and for a few weeks after the holiday. all this helps you tan faster and it also helps prolong your tan. and i have to say this really works, i  still had a slight tan left over from las vegas and it enhanced that even before i got to sit in the sun in greece. whilst on holiday i caught the sun very quickly and ended up having the nicest and darkest tan out of all of us! i've been back two weeks and my tan is still going strong thanks to this stuff! it's a nice light body lotion that sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave any residue. also, you can get this for a bargain via qvc buy paying three monthly installments of £13.84.

i don't need to talk about this too much because i have a whole post about how brilliant it is here. this is such a high street gem, it's so reasonably priced, yet such a good product. it's not overly greasy, doesn't break me out and removes make up so quickly and easily. this is so nice to use if your felling particularly lazy and just want to get your make up off an jump into bed! even if your an oily skinned gal like me, don't be scared of this, give it a go and you'll see such improvements in your skin. this does exactly what is says on the tin and i can't recommend it enough.

again, i won't go on about this too much, i have a full review of it here. lush face masks are quickly becoming a favourite of mine. i love that they use all natural ingredients, they don't test on animals and their products really work. this particular mask is very good a quickly clearing up spots and giving your skin a deep cleanse. it's got lots of skin-kind goodies in it to help refresh and revive your skin. and as usual with lush you get a lot of product for your money and if you bring back five empty pots, you get a free fresh face mask, yay!

silicone brush cleaning mitt - £4.42
this little discovery came about when i was lusting after the sigma brush cleaning glove. i'm always looking for quick an easy ways to get my brushes clean and this seemed like the perfect solution, but £20.00 for a silicone glove, really? so i had a search on google and found this blog talking about a cheaper alternative. so i instantly snapped it up off ebay, i think i only paid about £2.00 for it and i'm so happy i brought it! it makes cleaning your brush a pleasure rather than a chore and it makes it so quick and easy. they get a really thorough clean and it only takes a few seconds per brush.

bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick - £8.99
the minute i started to hear the whispers about these being released, i was so so so excited. i love liquid to matte lipsticks, they have amazing staying power, brilliant colour pay off and these are no exception. i picked up the colour personne ne rouge, which is a true, blue toned red that i absolutely love. it applies so easily, the formula is creamy and not at all drying on the lips. it lasts such a long time and doesn't rub off when eating and drinking. i'm definitely going to pick up a couple of the other colours from this amazing range.

what have you been loving this month? have you tried any of the products i've mentioned?

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