now, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know i'm a huge fan of the whole nspa range. my favourite product of the bunch is their hot cloth polish (which is a dupe for the liz earle cleanse and polish) but it is apparently being discontinued, so i wanted to try some other cleansing products from the range, to see if i could find a replacement for it. this one instantly caught my eye because i'd never tried a cleansing gel before. none of the nspa products have let me down thus far, so i had high hopes for this. and, as always, it was a bargain at only six pounds.

the nspa range aims to create a spa experience at home. all their products have a typical 'spa scent' to them, which i personally love. it's very luxurious and relaxing. this is quite a lightweight gel that feels quite oily, but not greasy, on the skin. as it its a gel, it's nice to use first thing in the morning, it's very cool and refreshing on the skin. as you start to rinse it off with warm water, it turns into a milk and quickly washes away, leaving the skin soft and clean. this leaves the skin feeling much smoother and almost squeaky clean, compared to the hot cloth polish.

it's quite a thick gel, but once it comes into contact with the warmth of your skin, it melts into the skin nicely. this is excellent at breaking down make up, including mascara, it works very quickly and doesn't sting your eyes either. i was slightly worried this would make my greasy skin even oilier and possibly break me out, but it's had the completely opposite effect. it almost sucks all the oil out of my skin, leaving it fresh and plump looking. i also like that its in a squeeze tube, so you can decide how much you want to use, meaning you don't waste any.

yet another brilliant product from nspa. they've got some really amazing products, yet they're purse friendly and you can pick them up in your local super market! i can't recommend their products enough and this may actually replace my beloved hot cloth polish. have you tried any nspa products?

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