it's always nice when you find two products that work exceptionally well together and fix a problem you've been trying to find a solution for. these two are absolute miracle workers for someone, like me, with oily skin. i'm always on the hunt for anything that will help effectively cleans my skin and keep excess oil at bay and these two are a winning combination. i like to use these in the evening, dark angels first, then the tea tree water, as they give my skin a really thorough cleanse and help it stay fresh and oil free overnight.

lush's dark angel cleanser is a exfoliating cleanser aimed at oily and blemish prone skin. its got black sugar to exfoliate, rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse the skin and charcoal in it which helps re-balance skin, absorbing excess oil, leaving it clean and glowing. it's a solid consistency on the pot, so you just take a small pinch, add some water to it and it turns into a paste. you then massage it into the skin and rinse it away with a warm cloth. this stuff leaves your skin feeling incredible, it feels so deeply cleansed and completely oil free, without it being stripped. it really cleans out your pores, helps calm blemishes and gives you a healthy glow. it's a slightly messy product, it also smells quite earthy and herbaly, but it works so well i can look past that!
the lush tea tree water is another product aimed at oilier, spotty skin. tea tree is naturally antibacterial so helps clear the skin of any nasties that could cause spots. it has grapefruit water in it which is slightly astringent to help skin tone and juniperberry water to help clear congested skin. using this after quite a heavy duty cleanser helps soothe the skin and make sure there's no residue left over. it leaves the skin feeling very fresh clean and oil free. this is also particularly nice to use in the morning as a pick me up for the skin.

so, if you've been trying to find something to help your oily, spotty skin, look this way. these work in perfect harmony together, fighting oil, soothing blemishes and re-balancing the skin. i'm so pleased i discovered these products and it's an added bonus that they're natural products, so are extra skin kind. i don't think either of their would be at all suitable for very dry skin, but if your more on the normal to combination side of things these would probably work wonders for you too. have you tired these products? do you have any lush recommendations? do you have any product recommendations for oily skin?

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