i've been a fan of emma's for a long time, i used to follow her on tumblr, before she had a 'proper' blog! naturally i followed her progression and am in constant awe over her blog. it's always so flawlessly put together, from her perfect photos to her seamlessly flowing text. she has this amazing ability to quickly yet effectively review a product. when she branched out onto youtube i was very excited to watch her videos, i think she's taking a break from it at the moment, but i hope she comes back! she's so pretty and stylish (fangirl moment...) and is a fellow animal lover, what a babe!

alix was one of the first beauty youtubers i ever came across and i've loved her ever since. i then naturally went on to read her blog and i love that just as much, she writes beautifully, her posts are an absolute pleasure to read. practically everything she talks about instantly gets added to my wish list! her youtube videos are amazing, they're so well edited together. shes full of brilliant advice and spot on product recommendations. she's a beauty and seems like an all round really lovely person.

helen's blog is just all round fab-u-lous! she's so talented and as i've mentioned to her before on twitter, it's beyond me how she's not a full-time blogger. i particularly love her blog as it's a bit of a mixture of everything, fashion, beauty and baking, what more could you wish for! i have to try some of her recipes, they all look delicious. she also posts really helpful blogging hints and tips, shes the multitasking queen! her blog design is another one i find myself drooling over.

i only really discovered jen's blog at the start of this month, but boy have i been missing out! her blog design is chic, all her content just looks so pretty together. her pictures are also edited in the most beautiful way. literally everything she writes i read over and over because it's just so well written. her content is amazing and her two most recent posts are so helpful. i'm thrilled to see she's a fellow stationary enthusiast too! she's also the writer and editor of a little opulent magazine, which is equally as fabulous.

so these lovely ladies blogs are my current go to reads. which are your favourite blogs at the moment? do you have any blog recommendations?

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