primark exfoliating gloves - £1.00
hot weather means one thing, having to expose more skin! that means you need your skin to be in tip top condition and exfoliating is the key to this. these cheap and cheerful exfoliating gloves from primark do an excellent job of effectively buffing away any dead skin from your arms and legs. i like to use them in conjunction with a scrub to get the best results. your skin is left feeling thoroughly clean, fresh and glowing, ready to be revealed to the world!

this is an absolute high street gem. anyone whose suffering with their make up sliding around due to the heat, or has oily skin, look this way! it applies nicely to the skin and make up glides on over the top of it with ease giving your makeup a subtle, not flat matte finish. it helps keep your make up in place all day and keeps oil breakthrough at bay for a long time. it's an all round brilliant product. i've got a whole post about it here.

this is the most perfect and most beautiful summer fragrance i've ever come across. it's like this scent was tailor made for me, it's got undertones of musk, which is my favourite, but then its fruity and light. it almost has a sun cream, coconut scent about it, which i personally love. it's also a bargain price for a 60ml bottle of perfume. this is my go to summer fragrance and will be for the foreseeable future, my mum loves it too! i'm glad i stocked up on this last year (i brought 5 bottles...) because i can't seem to find it on the body shop website, which is such a shame! hopefully they'll re-release it. however, i have found a few bottles for sale on ebay here.

this has saved my itchy, sore, puffy hayfever eyes this month. i have very severe hayfever, it starts in march, is at its worst from the end of may until august, then finally starts to settle down. it gets so bad i have to take steroids and use an inhaler, not fun! so, to find something that one, stops me from touching my eyes and two, soothes them is brilliant. whenever i'm getting flustered and wanted to scratch my eyeballs out, i just apply this around them and it cools them and takes the itchiness away. it's not a miracle cure for hayfever, but it certainly makes coping with it a bit easier!

i brought this on a whim a while a go and kind of forgot about it, but my it's a 10 miracle leave in product ran out, so this came in handy. i'd previously tried and loved the full restore 5 replenishing mask so i knew i'd like this. it has pro-keratin and ceramide in it which helps revive and restore your hair. it's also an amazing detangler, it works instantly and as soon as you start to brush your hair there's no tugging or pulling. it smells really nice too, like the hairdressers. this has helped my hair look and feel less dry, it's a nice budget hair care product.

these have become another essential when it comes to dealing with hayfever. my optician recommended these to me, they're the single capsule, preservative free version of the intensive tears drops, they're apparently better for your eyes and more effective. they can be used alongside my prescription hayfever eye drops too. i really don't know how i coped without these! they really help soothe my eyes and make them less itchy. they also help take the redness down in them, as well as cooling them down and adding some much needed moisure back into them. if you suffer with hayfever or have dry eyes, i can't recommend these enough.

what have you been loving this month? have you tired any of the products i've mentioned?

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