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1. this mask doesn't really need much explanation. the aesop parsley seed facial cleansing masque is the creme de la creme of face masks in the beauty world. i hear nothing but amazing things about this beauty, i've read so many reviews and now i have to have it. they clay in it helps draw out any impurities in the skin and the rose-hip and parsley seed extracts add antioxidants to help plump up the skin. sounds like an all round savior for the skin. my skin is playing up a lot at the moment, so i brought the ren clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser and the invisible pores detox mask in an effort to help it, but if i have no joy with those, i'll be ordering this asap! even if it does cost an eye-watering £27.00...

2. now, this brush has become infamous all thanks to anna, from vivianna does make up, she's used it in numerous videos and mentioned it on her blog and now i need it. yes, need. its very different from 'typical' foundation brushes. the bristles are quite long and tapered and it seems like a very flexible brush. watching it in action in anna's videos it looks like it makes the job of foundation application quick an easy, leaving you with a flawless finish. sounds dreamy. i've also heard people rave about how good the louise young brushes are and the pixiwoo sisters use them all the time too.

3. ellis faas wasn't a brand i'd heard of until i saw fleur, from fleurdeforce mention them in this video. then, when i was in vegas in april i saw them in sephora and oh my, they are beautiful. the packaging is a-ma-zing, it's so unique. not only that, the product inside is brilliant too, a highly pigmented, moisturising liquid lipstick/stain. they've also got a pretty cool applicator too, a cute little sponge. this colour, L101 blood red, is a gorgeous deep shade that would be killer in the winter. the only reason i didn't pick one of these up is because i ran out of pennies and had other things on my wishlist. but i haven't stopped thinking about them so i think i may have to cave and buy one. unfortunately, this is another one with a pretty steep price tag.

4. the famous by terry baume de rose, i have been lusting over this for ages, ever since it made it's debut on youtube and blogs. i'm a serial lip balm hoarder and i have a serious need to add this to my collection. and from the rave reviews and numerous mentions in youtube videos, it appears to be a brilliant lip balm, that also doubles up as a cuticle treatment. it's just an all round luxurious product, look at the beautiful packaging, imagine how chic you'd look pulling this beauty out your handbag! again, this is ridiculously priced, £38 for a 10g pot of lip balm, REALLY!? maybe i'll just go for the only slightly less ridiculously priced dior creme de rose instead.

5. yet another blogger/youtuber favourite, but seriously, how beautiful is this brush set!? zoeva are another brand that everyone raves about, but i've personally never tried anything from them. i've researched this set and read loads of reviews on it and i have to get my hands on it. there's a mixture of brushes for both eyes and face. they're also made of both natural and synthetic brushes, so are suitable for cream and powder products. the collection just basically has everything you need in it, they come with their own little pouch and would be perfect for travelling. oh, and they're pretty.

so that's everything i'm currently wishing for! whats on your wishlist?

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  1. I really need to invest in some decent make up brushes, the Zoeva set are so pretty!

    1. if you're looking for some affordable, yet excellent quality make up brushes, i can't recommend eco tools brushes or the real techniques brushes enough, they're both so, so good!

      the zoeva ones are very pretty, but a little expensive! i'm pretty sure i'll end up caving and buying them though!

      thanks for your comment, your blog is lovely! :) x